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Snowy Norway Photos Inspire Wanderlust

The harbor of Oldervik, Northern Norway. The high arctic calls.

Northern Norway ignited in me a wanderlust for further travel in the Arctic Circle. I’ve always been fascinated by the high arctic, especially its light, ice, and animals. In the wilds of the Arctic Ocean are the Svarlbard islands— halfway between Norway and the North Pole. There you will find ice caves to explore in winter, pristine landscapes, and more polar bears than people. I’m definitely saving up my pennies for that trip! Or, actually; trips– it looks like summer and winter each offer unique experiences. Sign me up for both!

Boats and a seabird wait in the partially frozen harbor of Oldervik, Norway. Wanderlust must wait, too.

Until then, I’ll re-live my time in the Arctic Circle through these Norway photos. I’ll write more posts on that amazing Northern Norway trip, (click here for my Northern Lights post,) and participated in’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers.

The week’s Challenge was Wanderlust. I entered these Arctic photos– they make me long to put on my snow boots again! AND I got an Honerable mention 🙂

The way out to sea. Oldervik, Norway
A sailboat sleeps by the fjord in Vagnes, Norway, dreaming of travels to come.

 Enjoy your Arctic Dreams!

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What an interesting, beautiful place that I am happy to enjoy through pictures. Congratulations for the Let’s Be Wild award. 🙂

Thank you 🙂 Norway was a wonderful place to visit in winter!

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