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The Story Of Rescued Dog Petal

Petal when found, about 4kg

Petal (She’s not really keen on the camera, as you can see from her expression!)

Here is the lovely little rescued dog Petal; found by Terry as she was running around scavenging for food by the N7 a few days ago.(NOTE: this post was 1st written at beginning of September 2010, & I’ve added updates below, too)

She is skin & bone, & has a hairline fracture of one hip & a slight hip dysplasia on the other, but she is a loving, friendly, trusting little girl. She is about 3 yrs old, looks like some class of terrier l mixed with a King Charles. We love her already.

Terry took her to the local vet to check her for a microchip & get her looked over. He registered her as found with the local vet & the ISPCA, (as well as calling to the local houses- tho ‘ if she was owned by someone there and let to run & starve like that, they don’t deserve a pet!) I’ve checked local and national lost & found websites, but she is not listed as lost. If she was, she’d have been lost a while to be in the extremely thin state she’s in now, so I checked to over 6 months back. That was heartbreaking- so many pets lost or stolen; most not resolved.

If she is someone’s genuinely lost pet, of course we will return her, but as you can imagine, we love her & want very much to keep her. About a month ago, our very 1st dog, Shep, died. We, and our other 2 dogs were heartbroken. Now Petal is here, and she fits in wonderfully. We even know how to care for her while her hip mends, as Shep had broken his not long after we adopted him, too. (We think it was sheepdog vs vehicle. He got out one morning at our old house, and being a dyed in the wool car chaser before we adopted him,  he must have had a chase… Thankfully, with time, neutering, & better fencing that activity ceased!) He was a true gentleman, and his loss is keenly felt.

Shep on a snowy walk

So now Petal is with us, and she is a true lady. She knows we are trying to help, & never growls or snaps, even when we unknowingly jostled her sore hip, or when the vet had to position her on the xray table and it was a bit painful for her. When Terry found her a song with the refrain ”you are my angel” was playing on the radio. And she  is a wee angel- full of snuggles&  kisses.

I hope to post photos and updates as she fattens up and recovers.


Petal UPDATE a few weeks later:

Here’s Petal on the far right, waiting while doggie dinners are being prepped. She started out at 4kg when we found her, & now she is closing in on 5. The vet says we should aim for about 8kg. She’s a quick learner; watching our other dogs & picking up that the canine toilet is outdoors only, and that begging while human alpha male & female are eating is not allowed. Petal learned even more quickly that snuggling on the couch & sleeping in the bed with us IS allowed! :)Our little family feels complete again!

 Next Petal UPDATE:


 Petal is nearly 6kg now!

Petal is nearly 6kg now! The lovely, gentle, Petal is with us several weeks now, and she is really doing well. She’s put on about 2kg- that’s 50% of her original body weight when found!

Her hip is not bothering her, and the horrible abscess she had healed up well with lots of cleaning (by our other dog Pinenut- we nearly had to put a big head collar/satellite dish on HIM as well as on her in order to control excessive licking,) & antibiotics. Now, God love her, she’s in heat! I wonder if it may have been the returning health/weight gain that may have brought that on. Our other 2 are fixed, so a female in heat is new to us. She would like Pinenut to be her man, but he’s not really up to the job ;) Spaying is certainly on the cards for her after this is over.

Pinenut is not so interested in girls!

Petal, loves a pet!

She loves going for a stroll, but even in places when we can let the others loose to run, we now have to keep her on lead like this- no puppies are wanted! We want her to fatten up, but not that way!

Petal UPDATE 2014

Petal dog 2014 kitchen table!

Petal 2014 on the kitchen table!

Petal now LOVES the camera! She is fluffy & happy, and at a healthy weight of around 8kg she’s fond of an ol’ photo.  If you follow Vibrant Ireland on social media, you see her starring in some pics now and again,–probably even more than our other dogs, as she is such a ham for the camera. Here she is cheekily basking in the sun on the kitchen table, and in some other pics below, too.

Note: if you are in the south Kilkenny area & would like to adopt a pet, check out the Inistioge Puppy Rescue– we got our wonderful Rottweiler, Jessie, there.

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Loved this post Susan! It’s lovely to see Petal doing so well, she’s a gorgeous little thing!

Thanks Elaine ☺ She is definitely spoiled now–they all are! Our canine kids ☺

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