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Want to Take a Break Away From Your Fellow Irish? Do’s & Don’ts Here!

Take a Break Away from Your Fellow Irish:: Norway is off the beaten track for Irish folk, & one of my favorite places to visit! snowy fjord and red cabin

Norway is off the beaten track for Irish folk, & one of my favorite places to visit!

Break Away From the Pack 2016

I found this information rather interesting, as well as somewhat amusing. Personally I’ve not really thought about any stereotypes of the Irish abroad, but I do understand the desire to go somewhere where you don’t keep bumping into folk from the ‘home place.’ This could be difficult if you’re Irish, because the Irish are spread everywhere! There are even Irish pubs in Mongolia, Cambodia, and Nepal. (See on the far flung Irish Pubs here.)

Personally, I can recommend the #2 listed destination less visited by Irish folk: Norway. I found it to be every bit as beautiful as the photos you see online, and yes, we got to see the Northern Lights in Norway! We also stayed in a beautiful fjord-side cabin from the 1880s– which saved us lots of money…sadly, this is not renting in 2016, but it gives you an idea of the options out there beyond hotels if you’d really like to get off the beaten track. Have a look and see if any of the other destinations appeal to you, and which ones you may like to avoid if you are indeed looking to take a break away from your fellow Irish 😉

Take a break away from your fellow Irish! reveals where to go to avoid other Irish travellers this year!

Dublin, 12 January 2016: Starting to plan your 2016 getaways? Maybe it’s time to break the mould and explore somewhere new this year, discover a country where you can truly get away from the Irish abroad!

We all know the cringe inducing stereotypes of the Irish abroad; you can hear the accents and spot the standard holiday uniform from a mile away. With Barry’s tea in our suitcases and an emergency pack of crisps in our carry-on bags we Irish are even more cliché when we are overseas. With thousands of holiday destinations available on the world is your oyster, so think outside the box and plan to visit more unusual destinations this year!

Popular destinations for European travellers, but not amongst Irish travellers:

1: Austria  2:Norway  3: China 4: Hong Kong  5: Singapore

If you’re looking to stay close to home consider the alpine gem of Switzerland, where you can gather your thoughts in the fresh mountain air or discover the majestic fjords of Norway. Further afield why not plan a trip to the orient; to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, where you can learn about ancient art and culture with the added benefit of being much less likely to encounter other Irish travellers!

Reindeer at the Sami festival reindeer racing in Tromso, Norway. Take a break away from your fellow Irish!

Not an Irish animal, anyway! Reindeer at the Sami festival reindeer racing in Tromso, Norway

Top destinations for Irish holidaymakers in 2015:

1: United States of America   2: United Kingdom  3: Germany  4: Spain & Canary Islands  5: France

The top destination for Irish holiday makers abroad last year was the US. While the whole of America obviously shouldn’t be missed, if you need a break from the Irish brogue you might want to skip J1 hotspots like New York, San Diego and Chicago in the summer months. If you are looking for a more multicultural holiday this year consider choosing from the suggested destinations where Irish people are much less likely to travel then their European counterparts.

“People often choose traditional destinations based on advice from family or friends who have visited before, or are inspired by pictures shared on social media,”
Andy Washington, Managing Director for says. People also like the comfort of the known; many find themselves returning to the same holiday hotspots year in year out, so it’s not unusual to run into other Irish people while you’re away. However if anyone is looking to make a fresh start in 2016, has some great ideas for hidden gems popular among European travellers, but less known to the Irish traveller. We hope this will provide some new ideas and inspire those looking for something a little different. Those on a budget will also find that can save more by booking their flight and hotel at the same time using”

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