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Go! Summer Solstice among the Megaliths, Cavan Burren, Ireland

Summer Solstice Cavan BurrenOne of Ireland’s special spots, the Cavan Burren will be extra magical as it celebrates Summer Solstice among the megaliths.

With events and walks- many wheelchair & buggy accessible, the Cavan Burren welcomes those of all ages and abilities on 21 June, Saturday, for the 2014 Summer Solstice.

The Calf House megalith, Cavan Burren, is accessible for all

The Calf House megalith, Cavan Burren, is accessible for all

I was very impressed by the range of history, human and geological, on view when I visited in early March, as well as by the care given to accessibility for all. Even during my quick visit in the rain I could tell that the Cavan Burren Park was full of beauty and stories waiting to unfold.

Happily, Terry & I will be back in county Cavan for the Summer Solstice weekend! I very much wanted to return to explore more, and now we need YOUR help; more about that in a minute.UPDATE: in the hour before leaving, we recieved unexpected news which meant we were unable to go. But I would still like your tips as we want to go another time. And if you go to the Cavan Burren Summer Solstice & want to share a pic,  please do! Will try not to feel too jealous 😉


Celebrate Summer Solstice, Cavan Burren Park

Cavan Burren Park, Burren, Blacklion, Co. Cavan, Ireland

Saturday 21st June 2014, 1 – 6pm

Celebrate the Summer Solstice in prehistoric style at the newly developed Cavan Burren Park! Monuments, megalithic tombs, hut sites and pre-bog walls survive from pre-historic times–some are older than the pyramids! The inspiring and intriguing history of West Cavan is on display for all to see. The festival on the 21st will have an exciting and packed programme of celebratory activities for all the family. Enjoy historic re-enactments, music, guided tours of the park & new visitor centre, children’s activities, food stalls and lots more. Expect a spectacular dance performece by the Shawbrook dancers, musical performances by Cavan Big Band, the County Choir and Martin Donohoe, poetry readings by Heather Brett and lots lots more. Click here  for the leaflet PDF.

one of Cavan's many lakes

One of Cavan’s many lakes

Cavan is a county rich with lakes and fascinating geology– in fact it is part of the world’s only international geopark- the Marble Arch Caves geopark, which Cavan shares with Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. On this trip Terry & I will be exploring a bit more of the wider Cavan area as well as The Burren Park itself. The Shannon Pot (the very mystical source of the river Shannon,) and a scenic drive tour of the Cavan Drumlins are both on our list.

Shannon Pot

As the surface rising of Ireland’s longest river, the Shannon Pot’s fame can be traced back to the legendary Finn MacCool and the Fianna, the great warriors of Irish mythology. Legend has it that Síonnan, the daughter of Lodan (a son of the Celtic Sea God, Lír), came to the Shannon Pot in search of the great Salmon of Wisdom. This Salmon was angered at the sight of Síonnan and caused the pool to overflow and drown the maiden. Thus the Shannon was created and still bears her name today.

– See more here

I’m currently joyfully nerding out with brochures and maps in planning our weekend trip, and I’m looking for YOUR Cavan tips, especially on local food products & where to eat. Please let us know what you recommend in the comment section below, or you can tweet or Facebook or email me at

planning a trip;Cavan brochures & walk guides

Planning a Cavan trip!

Thanks so much, and I’ll add your tips  at the bottom of this post for all to see, if you don’t mind.

We will be returning to The Keepers Arms for the cozy accommodation & true Irish hospitality, and I can’t wait to have a pint in their pub 🙂 I’m sure we won’t have time to do/see all we want in Cavan, but we’ll keep the pints to just the one or 2 so we can make early…ish.. starts 😀

For more to help you plan a trip to Cavan – daytrip or vacation, check out: This Is Cavan 

And check this one for in depth information on the Cavan Burren

More on Summer Solstice traditions:

In Ireland, people believed that certain plants had miraculous healing powers and they therefore picked them on this night. Bonfires were lit to protect against evil spirits which were believed to roam freely when the sun was turning southwards again. In later years, witches were also thought to be on their way to meetings with other powerful beings! – See more at Old Moore’s Almanac


Here’s some TIPS from Brid of Sligo’s fab Osta cafe and wine bar:

Enjoy the Solstice, where ever you are!

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