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Photos: Storm Christine Rocks Ireland’s Coast

This is a post made with Storify, from Twitter images.

Storm Christine rocks Ireland’s coast

Photos: The latest in a series of extreme winter storms to hit Ireland, Christine has sent up huge waves battering the coast.

On 6 January 2014, the 175th anniversary of the legendary Night Of the Big Wind in Ireland, #stormChristine caused (and is still causing at time of writing) extensive damages along much of the coast of Ireland. Images of huge waves were shared across Twitter; here are some of the most dramatic.

huge waves from storm christine batter tramore Ireland
#StormChristine Sea surge as wall of water hits Tramore, Co.Waterford Via Beautiful Ireland Photography #TV3Weather
frightening waves from storm christine ireland by Brendan st John
#StormChristine Tramore in Co.Waterford continues to get a hammering tonight via Brendan St.John #TV3Weather
20 foot wave slams into tramore pier during storm christine, Ireland, pic john crowley
Ack! Stay away peeps! RT @CalypsoIT: 20ft wave over #Tramore Pier by John Crowley #stormireland #stormchristine
As well as Tramore in co. Waterford, waves were ferocious in Blackrock, co. Louth.
#StormChristine Violent sea surges in Blackrock, Co.Louth this morning via Jason McGee #TV3Weather
#StormChristine Huge waves battering Blackrock, Co.Louth via Briege Roe#TV3Weather
Surfer’s paradise Lahinch, co. Clare had been very hard hit during the storm that had just passed on 4 January 2014.
massive waves at Lahinch ireland by geroge karbus
Unbelievable photo of High Tide last night by George Karbus
And #stormChristine tore into Ireland again.
#StormChristine Mega storm surge tonight in Tramore, Waterford via@NoelBrowne5 #TV3Weather
Storm arrived again! Crazy waves @ #Lahinch
A seaside property in Roundstone communed with the sea.
house in the sea during storm christine ireland
Oh feck! #stormchristine RT @ccferrie: Cottage with sea views in Roundstone via @galwayad
As did brave surfers in co. Sligo. They flew in from all over to come surf the storm waves.
surfers brave storm christine huge waves to surf Ireland, pic Magnum Lady
Surfers braving #stormchristine RT @magnumlady: Must be really cool to be able to surf #Mullaghmore #Sligo
STAY SAFE! There are ROCKS in those waves breaking along the coast- don’t try to get close to take photos. Be careful. And, emm, bring in your pets 😉
someone's always being funny! bring pets in during the storm
RT @sonofbelial: #StormChristine #stormireland Please remember to keep your animals indoors tonight @DublinSPCA

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Wow, it looks WILD out there! Hope there won’t be extensive damages, especially from the pets on the couch 😉

I’m certainly on the couch, Satu, but tis only 4 dogs inside, no horses 😀

Glad you are not out there taking photos!

No way- going down to the river for photos was the extent for me while it is so very wild out 😉

Oh my gosh, Susan, these photos are so powerful and intense! My Golden Retriever, Phoenix, would think he was in an alternate dimension if there was a horse on his couch ha, ha! 🙂

I Think our 4 dogs would feel the same 🙂
Yes, that storm was wild & the pics captivating! Now is the clean up and the costs of the damage is huge. Back to reality and the awe of the storm is turning to uggh the cleanup!

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