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A Taste of Good Living in Romagna Italy!

Emilia - Romagna ItalyA Taste of Good Living in Romagna, Italy!

Discoveries of food, wine, thermal spas, nature & history await discovery in a less touristy area of Italy!

So that I can report back to you with tips, visiting info, and photos 🙂 I’m off to experience the Romagna part of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna area on 1 October to the 8th. That’s during the Week of Good Living (Settimana del Buonvivere in Italian,) and though I’m very excited to delve into this top notch foodie region of Italy, there is also something that is frightening me about it!

Chef Cannavacciuolo via

Chef Cannavacciuolo via


The Italian Gordon Ramsay, apparently ”known for the severity of his judgments and outstanding quality of his cuisine”, chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo, star of Italy’s Kitchen Nightmares, will be the guest of honor at the opening dinner of Buonvivere ‘Week of Good Living.’  But, no, it’s not him I’m yikes-ing about, it’s that this will be a gala dinner held in the stunning Teatro Verdi in Cesena, and I’m told I will need elegant dress for it! Uh oh… Janey Mac, I’ve not done elegant(ish) since my wedding! I’m really nervous about this… Italian people seem so naturally elegant, and I’m, well…short and fluffy. Ah well, at the same time I am also really excited to go to this dinner, and it turns out the hotel where I’ll be staying is right by a thermal springs spa— just the thing to relax your nerves! *Breathe*  🙂  


Got a bril skirt at Kilkenny’s vintage & more shop, Shutterbug. The very kind shop assistant gave me some good advice on what to put with it on my budget, & with a €2.50 tank top from Penney’s, some dangly earrings & the Shutterbug’s belt used as a scarf, I’m feeling  happy that I should be elegant enough– at under €60 all in. YAY! Plus, the skirt can easily be dressed down a bit; it won’t be a one-off wear. Very happy bunny here 😀

My  'elegant' outfit for the Semana Buon Vivere gala opening dinner! Got it all for under €60!

Success! My ‘elegant’ outfit for the Semana Buon Vivere gala opening dinner! Got it all for under €60!

See and Do

The Garden of  Herbs and Forgotten Trees in Casola ValSenio, and the romantic Abbey nearby — I’ll be letting you know about things like these. Plus, visits are planned revolving around the old ways of fishing in Romagna, local food products, (even cooking with flowers!) local wines, a trip to the 2nd largest aquarium in Italy, nature walks & more. Of course I’ll share plenty of photos of it all! Italy is extremely photogenic 😀 If you’d like to see a sample of the gorgeousness, below is a video on Cesena, one of the towns where we will be. You can also see the fabulous Teatro Verdi in it, home the aforementioned gala Buonvivere opening dinner. Do have a watch.

Mapped out

The first 6 days of this trip are as part of the Buon Vivere Week blogger’s tour I was invited on, and I’ll have a day or two afterwards on my own. I’ve made a Google map with some of the places we’ll be; it is at the very end of this post. All of us will be using the hashtag #romagnabuonvivere on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook so you can follow it to get a wide feel for the area through several eyes.

Here is a list of the blogs of the other participating Buon Vivere Week 2014 bloggers: buonvivere 2014 

If you’d like to see more from Buonvivere Week/ Week of Good Living‘s own website, click.

Their Facebook page is here. Using the Translate button is very helpful 🙂 

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Cesena,%20Romagna,%20Italy”]

I’m so looking forward to sharing it all with you, and Thank You to Alessandra and Settimana del Buonvivere for inviting me to experience this new-to-me region of Italy!

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Wow, what an exciting trip to the foodie region of Italian, looking forward to hearing more about your wonderful trip to Emilia Romagna Susan!

So excited! Bringing my expandable waistband clothes

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