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Leaving on a jet plane- for Venice!

What’s on your  must see/do list for Venice? What is high on your must avoid list?

Tell us in the comments- Venice tips gratefully received!

For us our Must See is the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and much as we can of the Biennale–of course including the Ireland pavillion, and our Must Dos are take the #1 vaporetto down the Grand Canal in the evening light, eat some authentic &  tasty Venetian food, visit Murano &Burano, and generally linger, stroll, photograph & soak up the Venetian atmosphere.

Our Must Avoid list consists of massive crowds and really high costs; these are why we are going in late October and staying air bnb in a family home in the residential district of Castello.

Actually, one of our very first Must Dos is to get an Italian data SIM for my Samsung Note! I always try to get a local SIM card, because this is SO much cheaper than data roaming. I’ve come across a very helpful Italy SIM info post and I will let you all know how I get on myself later on this month. 

Now with added wi-fi.. Maslow's hierarchy of needs. :-)

Now with added wi-fi.. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. 🙂

Also assisting Terry & I in our pursuit of our Must Dos is Walks Of ItalyI had chatted with them during TBEX in Dublin, and now they’ve invited us to be their guests on 2 of their Venice walks!  We’ll be doing the Food Walk, and the Welcome to Venice Walk, which also includes a gondola ride. The gondola ride is an extra thrill, because if you just have a gondola ride on your own steam they start at €80. I’d never pay that much. But with the Walks of Italy Welcome to Venice tour, you get your 2 hr guided walk and a 30 min gondola ride from just €59 pp! Okay, there can be up to 6 people from your tour in the gondola with you, but this is the sort of good value we love! Here’s what the Welcome To Venice Walk consists of:

  • Rialto Bridge
  • Fondaco dei Tedeschi (from outside)
  • San Giovanni Gristosomo (inside with paintings by Bellini and Sebastiano del Piombo)
  • House of Marco Polo (from outside)
  • Church of Miracles (from outside)
  • Campo San Giovanni e Paolo
  • Scuola Grande di San Marco, Venice’s main hospital (from the outside)
  • Bronze Equestrian monument of Bartolomeo Colleoni by Verocchio
  • Campo Santa Maria Formosa
  • Arch of Paradise
  • Church of San Zulian (from outside)
  • Gondola ride (30 minutes)

The Food Walk  sounds a dream come true for us, too. You have probably heard that Venice is the hardest place to get really good food in all of Italy, due to its massive tourist ‘population.’ But if you know where to look, you will find foodie treasures. The Walks of Italy Food Walk will bring us to those treasures, and we’ll get to sample them 🙂 Here’s their Food Walk blurb:

dreaming of venice

A nice coffee and a planning for Venice daydream…

Eat, and shoplike the locals do! On this exploration of Venetian food and wine, you’ll learn how to navigate the island’s restaurants and cuisine like a true insider. Experience the bustling Rialto produce and fish markets, stroll streets that have been selling the same foods and spices for centuries, and, of course, enjoy tastings—including panini, crostini,frittiprosecco, local wine, a caffè and grappa

Oh yeah, liking the sound of that! I believe the walks are going to deliver the excellence they promise because I’ve met Stephen and Loredana, read about Walks of Italy’s sustainability ethos & practice, and checked out the reviews on TripAdvisor. I will let you all know how our Walks pan out, and I hope to be sharing plenty of photos from Venice, as long as my SIM hunt goes to plan.


Remember, if you’ve Venice tips you’d like to share with us & other readers planning for Venice, please do comment below. We’ve never been before, and I’m sure Venice is a place where you could go a thousand times and discover some thing fantastic & new-to-you each visit. Share your discoveries! Thanks 🙂

I’m not sure if I want to put this amazing Castello bookshop on our Must See list… I’m afraid there will too many books I Must Buy!

Fantastic bookshop in Castello, Venice

Fantastic bookshop in Castello, Venice. Photo via air bnb Castello section

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Sounds like a really good plan. I hope you’ll have a sunny and warm stay in Venice! Bring some lovely photos and great stories! Have fun! And remember: never ever drink a cappuccino after noon!

Thanks Agata, good tip! I’ll drink coffee like a real Italian 🙂

Espresso is OK at every possible time but cappuccino is really a morning thing. Enjoy your Italian breakfast: brioche and cappuccino!

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