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NEW! Weekly Photos of Ireland’s Sunrises; #Irelandsunrise

ireland sunrise

Sunrise in Ireland; a winter’s morning over the Barrow Valley

You love seeing photos of Ireland’s sunrises, don’t you?

Many of you also love taking these photos, too.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see them all in one place?

As I shared one of my Irish sunrise photos on Twitter, & saw a few others’ snaps stream by, I had an idea:

A #Irelandsunrise hashtag!

Those of us on social media can use it to tag our sunrise photos from Ireland. Then I’ll post a weekly round-up on of  the wonderful sunrise photos! 

Each morning on social media I’ll also share a few photos from the ones you send me/the hashtag. 

What do you think? Sunday may be a nice day to publish the Ireland Sunrise post as a lovely wrap-up of the week, or you could save it to enjoy on Monday if you need a Monday boost 🙂 Horses at dusk, Ireland


All the ways you can see the #Irelandsunrise photos:

The weekly Ireland Sunrise photo round-up here on the blog. To be certain you don’t miss it you can sign up for the weekly email newsletter in the box at top righthand corner. On mobile it is underneath the comment box.

If you think you’d like a daily dose of sunrises you can also:

Search for the hashtag #Irelandsunrise on Twitter and Instagram. I’ll be re-sharing some of them from my VI accounts there, so if you’d like you can follow @VibrantIreland on Twitter and susan_vibrantireland on Instagram.

I’ll post a little photo album up on Vibrant Ireland’s Facebook page. I’ll also try using the #Irelandsunrise on Facebook, too. Do any of you ever use/ look up #s on Facebook? I’m quite curious; tell me in the comments 🙂

Oh, yes, I’ll start a Pinterest board, too. Why not!


ireland sunrise Wexford

Samantha Kelly, @Tweetinggoddess stopped the car to capture this sunrise from the Wexford bridge, Ireland

If you’d like to submit your photos for the weekly post (they will of course always be credited as yours,) there are several ways you can do so:

Tweet me them at @VibrantIreland & use the #Irelandsunrise hashtag.

You can also post them on the Vibrant Ireland Facebook page.

Use the hashtag #Irelandsunrise on Instagram. If you are on Instagram I’ll re-post some on the susan_vibrantireland Instagram account, with full credit to you.


Great! This will be fun, and I hope it will brighten your the winter mornings. Enjoy!


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Sunrises are very special. I enjoy them anywhere I happen to be. A sunrise a day keeps the doctor away!

I agree! 🙂

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