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A New Kind of Adventurer-a Cultural Adventurer! Are You One?

Are you a cultural adventurer?

Are you a cultural adventurer?
(Note: this is not a real child- it’s a Patricia Piccinini sculpture!)

Are YOU a Cultural Adventurer?

Do you have a healthy curiosity and enjoy seeing, hearing, experiencing, or trying new-to-you things?

Then you may well be a cultural adventurer!

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines cultural as:

: of or relating to a particular group of people and their habits, beliefs, traditions, etc.

: of or relating to the fine arts (such as music, theater, painting, etc.)

Culture certainly includes food, craft, film, and ways of interacting with nature, though sometimes these aren’t the first things that come to mind when we think of the word. Additionally, we often don’t associate the word adventure with culture. But perhaps we should!

Cultural adventure; exploring Architects of Air's multicoloured luminarium

Cultural adventure; exploring Architects of Air’s multi-coloured luminarium.

Merriam Webster has this to say about adventure:

: an exciting or remarkable experience <an adventure in exotic dining>

So I reckon, that if you are a curious person who finds it exciting/stimulating to experience cultural things, you are a cultural adventurer. You may not be adventurous in lots of cultural aspects– maybe you’d go hear some modern experimental music, see a play by an ‘unknown’ playwright, or join in an art-felting workshop, but you’d never want to try unusual foods (see below!)– but, sure, we all have different interests and joys. In my definition a cultural adventurer is someone who is excited about at least one aspect of culture, and is willing to explore something a bit different within it from time to time.

So, what events are on, what’s happening, what’s buzzing that may be of interest to us cultural adventurers?

I’m going gather the scoop and let you know! I’ll be doing new monthly posts on my picks for all you Cultural Adventurers. You’ll be able to find it here on under the Cultural Adventurer tab.

If you can’t wait for the first Cultural Adventurer specific post, you will find some general event picks & my podcast on October festivals (mostly non-Halloween ones,) here. One mentioned there that might quite interest some of you cultural adventurers who desire a good dose of the countryside, is the Burren Winterage Weekend, on now; do have a look.

If you have an event, show, exhibition, book, film, workshop/class or such that you think may be of interest to cultural adventurers, do let me know. You can let me know at helloATvibrantirelandDOTcom. Thanks!

Happy Adventuring! PS: Eating bull penis, a traditional food of Poland, was a cultural adventure too far for me. But Suzanna of Zwartbles Ireland, in true cultural adventurer style, had a nibble. In fact, she ate the whole slice! A good bit of fun at Waterford Harvest Festival 😀

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