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Amazing, Fun! The Magic Road: What To Do in Ireland

The Magic Road

 Possibly the most amazing few minutes of fun you’ll have anywhere in the world can be found on a small section of the Comeragh Mountain Drive in Ireland, called The Magic Road. There you can experience a bit of Fairy magic! We went on a very misty day, but it only added to the otherworldly atmosphere. You can also visit the Mahon Falls along the road– but it was SO misty the day we went we didn’t find them.

Magic Road, Waterford, Ireland

Magic Road, Waterford, Ireland

 The exact spot

On the drive keep your eyes open for the 2 stones on the roadside saying Magic Road– as pictured.
(Apparently is GPS co-ordinates are 54.02237 -6.29178, but I’m not familiar with using GPS- so double check!!)

At the stone by the rag tree, stop & put your car in neutral. It will then- believe it or not- roll UP the hill all by itself. It is really crazy!
We did it several times, first with the car going backwards, then we turned so it also forwards. Backwards- as in the video clip, was REALLY freaky! Apologies for the bit of ‘language’ in this video- we were rather overwhelmed! 🙂

Have a watch: (& then check out the fantastic nearby beaches here!)[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Magic%20Road,%20Waterford,%20Ireland”]


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Quite a few years ago, 2 friends of mine told me about this. Of course I was skeptical. I watched your video and you gave a ‘Starring’ role in the credits to “Fairy Magic”, so….I’m still skeptical 🙂

😀 you have got to do it and experience it for yourself! I’ll expect a full blog report, too!

Thats incredible…. Have to say i’ll have to travel this road myself aswel to actually believe it!! Will have to get out the google maps here to find this road now 🙂

Hi!It is so worth a visit! We found it by travelling the main Dungarvan to Waterford road, & turning off at the signs for Mahon Falls. We never found the Falls- too misty?- & only found the magic spot on 2nd go-round, so keep your eyes peeled. This blog has directions from other directions & the name of a shop to ask at if you get lost. Enjoy your travels 🙂 Susan

We have such a place in our part of the world as well.In Moncton, New Brunswick(Canada) you can complete the same feat.We call it Magnetic Hill.Maybe you could post the GPS coordinates to make it easier to find.

GPS- that is a good idea. I never use such myself & never thought of adding it, thank you!I will see if I can find them & stick them up 🙂 Susan

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