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Photos: Ireland at Sunrise. #IrelandSunrise

first sunrise of 2014 Ireland

The first sunrise of 2014, in the Barrow Valley, ireland

 A fresh start.

Sunrise. A new day.

Often a surge of exhilarating beauty which we enjoy as the sun wakes up the sky. Perfect antidote to the Monday morning blahs.

Enjoy this very first round up of the Ireland sunrises sourced from photos people shared on Twitter and Instagram.

Would you like to share your sunrise in Ireland photos too? Just tweet or Instagram them with the hashtag #IrelandSunrise and I’ll re-share as many as possible. I’ll also use several in the weekly Ireland Sunrise post on

What time is the sunrise here in Ireland when these were taken? Well, it changes a little each day, but for end December & start of January a loose time is around 8.40 am.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their photographs over the past few weeks. So many people have enjoyed seeing them! Keep up the good work 🙂

Enjoy the sunrises!


Here are just a few of the #IrelandSunrise pictures shared on Twitter:


 From the West:

 From Dublin:

Wow! #Irelandsunrise RT @gribers: Dublin sunrise a little earlier. #photography

Dublin sunrise by @gribers

— Susan VibrantIreland (@VibrantIreland) December 19, 2013



A frosty Cow:

A Path to the Sunrise:

A vibrant Collage:

A glittering morning at a Sligo Lake:

There were so many wonderful photos shared over the past few weeks, and these are just a few. Do have a look at #IrelandSunrise on Twitter to see more, and also on Instagram. Keep sharing YOUR photos, too! I’ll be choosing from both new shares & the older shared photos for another blog post next week.

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Even if Ireland is not the first island that sees the sunrise the pictures are beautiful! Thank you for gathering them all! I regret I don’t live in Ireland so I could join it!

Thank you, Agata! Another visit for you, then, so you can take part!

Lovely post Susan, thank you for sharing these gorgeous sunrises. I took this photo at sunrise in Doolin last October when we had a beautiful calm sea below the Cliffs of Moher – pre Storm Christine!

Thanks Joan- your photo is so serene compared to the storm that came! How is the area recovering? The storm was amazing to see from safety,but I know I’m not the only one who also felt a bit conflicted gasping over wave photos whilst at same time feeling awful for the people & livelihoods affected..If there is any thing I can do in the way of helping ye all out let me know. On a sunrise note, do tag your pix so I can share- west coast sunrises are fab 🙂

Nice one, looking forward to following the series 🙂

Thank you! I’ve got a big backlog of pix I still want to share as well as new ones coming every day. Suppose it is a good thing to have back up, as when sunrise is at 5am I dont think I’ll get very many entries 🙂

I enjoy the variety you’ve provided. Keep up the sunrise!

Reeta @houseofanais

Beautiful photos – I also love sunrises, as well as sunsets. The one with the frozen grass and pinkish clouds is just fab!

They’re lovely, aren’t they! Some fab photographers in Ireland 🙂

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