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Experience Italy like a Local with iloveFerrara

Enjoy excellent italian wine with iloveFerrara

Enjoy excellent italian wine with iloveFerrara


Fantastic, no matter what you do on your visit. But getting beyond typical tourist spots to experience more local flavour with is even better!

This is why I want to introduce you to Agata, who has started the exciting endeavour of I’ve known Agata for a while now, and we are planning an extensive trip together next year. She has got to be one the most organized people I’ve ever known, as well as being one of the most upbeat. I am really pleased to be able to help showcase here, so have a read:


Campanile od the Duomo, seen from the main square

Holiday with a blogger

Although there are hundreds of travel blogs and you are probably a reader of some of them it is not that often when you actually can join the bloggers themselves. They are telling beautiful stories about places they visited and the pictures of local food make you hungry. If you wish to join one of them this project is for you!

Agata and her blog

Meet Agata: she is a traveler, writer and photographer, and one of these people whose pictures make you hungry! She lived in Italy for many years and traveled around the world. She runs a popular travel blog Null&Full and she enjoys her travels very much.

Time to share

Travel gives a lot of pleasure and brings a lot of energy to your life. And it is the best thing on earth if there is someone you can share it with. Thus, Agata thought her idea ‘Holiday with a blogger’ is a perfect combination. So here is the thing: this September you can join her and spend a week in Ferrara on tasting best Italian food, wines and having fun!

Italy at its best

Italy is easy to love! Everyone agrees with that. It is even more true when you have someone who speaks Italian, knows local habits and guides you through the Italian way of life. Living in Italy made Agata aware of all local particularities so her idea is to give you an opportunity to experience the best part of it.

And this is how a project called was created. An essence of Italy at your fingertips! Join Agata this September and she will guide you through Ferrara, best Italian food and wine, and a super cool event: Street Dinner.

Book today and join the party!

Have fun in Ferrara! Be sure to send Vibrant Ireland a social-media  postcard!

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