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Human & beast found things to nibble at Waterford Harvest festival Feastival

There is something for *everyone* to nibble on at Waterford Harvest Festival! A week long extravaganza concluded with the Feastival- a huge array of food stalls, craft stands, & more all along the quays in Waterford City. Here are some photos to give you  a taster (sorry) of what was on offer. Mark your calendar for next year!

Waterford Harvest Fest 2012, some local producers

There is always lots on for the kids; farm animals, ride on tractors, bouncy castles & such, & of course lots of yummy cakes & buns to make sure they’ve enough energy for everything 😉

Kids love the Harvest Fest! (heh heh!)
The Waterford Blaas
There were bands, re-enactments, shelter from rainshowers, & fun as well as great grub. I find that Waterford always puts on a great festival, from the massive Tall Ships festival right on down to some smaller ones. The Waterford Harvest Festival is a whole week of food and fun  that should definitely be on your list. The Feastival itself was also a great day for the whole family. Foodies could eat wild harvested mushrooms, kiddies could play under them in this popular garden. See you in the enchanted food forest next year!

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Lovely, you captured the day 🙂 roll on next year

Thanks!And I will be rolling on to it, Dee, as much as I ate enjoying the festival week! 🙂

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