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Vibrant Ireland

Yes it is! Fab Food Trails, Dublin

Is the way to find Dublin’s heart through your stomach? Try a Fab Food tour and see!

Fab Food trails Dublin Ireland

Corleggy Irish Cheese. Free samples are great! You can get a taster box for a fiver.

Going on a food tour is a fantastic way to get to know a place.

Not only will the eats & drinks satisfy your taste buds, a good tour will cater to your craving to experience an area’s history, culture, and local gems. This could be a tall order for something that lasts around 2.5 hours, but it can be done. I’ve experienced 2 food tours that fit the bill perfectly; one with Walks of Italy in Venice, and this one in Dublin with Fab Food Trails.


Visitors and Locals

Hometown crowds are often the toughest. As well as visitors, the Fab Food tour participants included Dublin locals exploring more of their city. By the end of the tour they’d discovered several new places, had seen their city in a different way and were quite happy; great result! If even locals love it, I think you’re bound to, too.


The elusive Cake Cafe!

The Cake Cafe was one of the places several of us familiar with Dublin were chuffed to finally find. Tales of their delectable treats had been wafting around the internet like a delicious smell on a breeze, but many of us just couldn’t find the physical source! It was Fab Food Trails to the rescue, and our excellent guide Eveleen showed us the simplest way to get there–  by going through Daintree Paper shop!

The Cake Cafe Dublin ireland

You know the Cake Cafe is cool: tasty treats, local & green ethos, and beardy hipster waiter 🙂

(Oh, the browsing & buying that could be done at the shop! Unfortunately Daintree Paper will close 31 Jan 2014 unless they get a buyer. They are having a closing sale & say there will still be Cake Cafe access. You can also get into the Cake Cafe by going around the block.)


Some Tour Highlights


Two other highlights stood out for me on the Dublin food tour. One is the compact 5 minute history of Ireland through food Eveleen tells before you begin the walk. Tis fascinating how so much history can be summed up through the lens of food, farming, and eating. You’ll get nuggets of Dublin history throughout the tour as well, and a favorite was The Swan.


The Swan, Victorian Pub

The Swan Victorian pub hasn’t been destroyed remodeled like many Dublin pubs; it is still home to beautiful original period features. You’ll sip a sample of  Powers Dublin whiskey whilst you listen to the exciting history of the Swan during the Easter Rising. You also get a glimpse into social history as well. Here’s a wee video clip about their snug:

                                                                                                                                Tastings & Tips

swans victorian pub dublin ireland

Swan’s Victorian pub, Dublin Ireland. Gorgeous & full of history from the Rising and more.

There are plenty of  tastings and tips on the tour. You’ll discover where to eat from breakfast to dinner as well as ideas for a fun evening out afterwards. Helpfully, you’ll get a printed leaflet listing what you’ve seen, with & other recommendations too.

The tour is a Fab Food Trail; the only thing I declined to enjoy was the oyster at the end of our tour. I enjoyed the rest of Saturday’s the Temple Bar Food Market, but though the oyster looked fantastic … well, I’m not an oyster person; perhaps you are. You can have mine 🙂

Fab Food Trails (2.5 hrs, €55) give tours in both Dublin and Cork. They are now offering Fashion and Evening tours as well. Here’s the link to the Dublin food tour.

Transparency: when I noticed on Twitter that Fab Food Trails had a place open due to a cancellation, I arranged to join in as a guest. Being a guest does not make me hide the flaws of something when I write about it, but I have no qualms about recommending the Dublin Fab Food Trail tour to you; I found it tasty for both body & mind 🙂

Fab Food Trails Dublin Ireland ; Sheridans Cheese

Sheridan’s is another delicious stop on the Fab Food Trail tour. You’ll sample cheeses & discover some fantastic Irish cheeses too

Fab Food trails Dublin tour

Mmmm fresh bread!

Oyster. Fab Food Trails Dublin Ireland

Even with a lovely salsa on it, I can’t be tempted by a raw oyster. Does it tempt you?


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I’m going to tell my friend about the food tour. She’s heading there soon for her honeymoon. Thanks!

That’s brilliant Ann, I think they’ll enjoy it- and if they go on the Saturday one- well that’s when the market is on so there is the oyster stop… oysters have properties appropriate for newlyweds I hear 😉

Yes yes yes! This is something I did in Helsinki and will DEFINITELY do when I get to Dublin next time. I’ll try to drag some of my local friends to come along too… 🙂 I think that cheese stop might be my favourite already….

The cheese!! The wonderful smell in Sheridan’s as you go in- a cheese lovers dream 🙂

I am all in for the food tours!! I think this might be my fav new way to experience a city! I love how the history still gets added in.

Me too, Alison, I’m a food tour convert now.

I love food tours—even though it has been a while since I have been on one. And that bread looks delicious.

Oh, and the smell of the fresh bread, Elena! Mmm and with beautiful Irish butter– heaven.

I think food tours would be a must in countries…it really gives you the local flair. Happy Holidays!!!

Yes, such a wonderful thing to do anywhere!

Yum, the cheeses look to die for!

Ohhh they are good!!

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