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Dublin; Finally a Wider View!

Dublin ; A Breath of Fresh Air! Hiking to a fantastic view over the city

Dublin ; A Breath of Fresh Air! Hiking to a fantastic view over the city

Dublin; A Breath of Fresh Air

Many of us who live in and/or  love Ireland get tired of the perception that Ireland = pubs = pints.

Sure, the Irish pub culture can be great fun, but there is much more to Ireland than this. Dublin especially has been painted with the It’s All About The Drink brush. So I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person thrilled with these new videos from Visit Dublin which give a much wider picture of Dublin. What do you think? What have you enjoyed in Dublin that wasn’t centered around a pint?

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For example: Is the way to find Dublin’s heart through your stomach?

Fab Food trails Dublin Ireland

Corleggy Cheese! You can get a tasty sampler box for a fiver.

One of the best walking tours of Dublin is not a pub crawl! I think it is the Fab Food Trail. 

Not only will the eats & drinks satisfy your taste buds, a good tour will cater to your craving to experience an area’s history, culture, and local gems. This could be a tall order for something that lasts around 2.5 hours, but it can be done in Dublin with Fab Food Trails. You can find out more about the Dublin City food tour here.

And again, do share some of your favorite things in Dublin aside from the pub culture, especially if they are less well known– let’s spread the word 🙂 Leave a comment below. Thanks! 

There is a plethora of things to explore in Dublin in the arts, outdoors, history, top notch food, and interesting events all year round. Nip on over to Visit Dublin and check things out!

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