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Delta Sensory Gardens; Year Round Enjoyment

stone scissors

These gardens are fun! I think a giant has just taken a break from hedge trimming & left behind his clippers.

Even in Winter there’s a lovely oasis in Carlow.

Delta Sensory Gardens are a real surprise, hidden away in the back of an business estate just outside of Carlow town.

Delta Sensory Gardens are two and a half acres of varied interlinking gardens; water, roses, sculpture, woodland, natural, formal, musical and more!

Wonderfully creative, a visit here will have you oohing & ahhing over the features as well as the plants. You can see some of these in my photos. Even on a grey Winter afternoon it was attractive. I can’t wait to go back in spring & summer!

The Delta Gardens also hold events such as their lovely Christmas wonderland & craft fair, as well as being a lovely wedding photograph venue!

If you’re in the area & feel stressed, I reckon watching the beautiful big goldfish swim in the fish pond and listing to the water flow from the many unusual water features would be a gentle way to relax & enjoy.

The sleeping lady's head Delta sensory gardens ireland

The sleeping lady’s head under a blanket of leaves

Yep, it’s a gem; with a small garden centre & coffee shop, Delta Sensory Gardens does just what their website says: combine the attractions of a tourist facility with the sensory gardens also providing a therapeutic focus and benefit for people of all abilities.

Have a look at the following photos – kids especially love the giant sleeping lady and the other hidden surprises throughout in the gardens. Go explore!

PS: the water features are really cool- don’t miss the GIANT spinning stone ball!


I’ve a map near the end of the post to help you find your way there.

The Delta Sensory Gardens website is here.


peas in a pod sculptures delta sensory gardens ireland

The stone sculptures are made by a local sculptor. LOVE these pea pods. And yes, you ARE meant to touch 🙂

Insect hotel

Any insect would be happy in this lovely rustic insect hotel!

Amazing water feature carlow Ireand

This water feature in the rose garden is amazing. It’s a circle, yet the water flows along it no bother! On the inside it is a solar calendar. And look- roses still blooming at end November.


Delta Gardens Ireland water feature

Just one of the Delta Gardens’ water features

Pond & waterfall delta centre gardens

The pond is home to lots of colourful goldfish- big and small.

beautiful birch bark

Beautiful birch bark!


Indoor water musicfeature, delta Sensory Gardens

Don’t miss the indoor dancing water feature!

Rustic wood sculpure in the woods

Boo! This rustic sculpture is hidden in the trees!

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Reeta @houseofanais

Such lovely gardens and so full of surprises. Reminds me a bit of the Riverhill Gardens here nearby where giant masks can be found in the flowery meadows all of a sudden!

Gardens can be places of fun as well as beauty, can’t they, Reeta 🙂 Am looking forward to seeing more in Spring & Summer.

Wow! Can’t wait to bring the family here. I’d never heard of it. Will be on my list for the next dry weekend. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Have a great time, Laura! I can’t wait to go back myself when the spring flowers start again too.

Nice pics! I really like the one of the pond with the swan in it …

Thanks Cheryl- the swan is lovely; made by some of the Delta centre staff 🙂 The gardens are full of little surprises.

How much fun! This is a great idea for a garden. Perfect!

Tis a fab place, Alison! Very special to those who work there & who visit 🙂

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