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Elegant, Rustic, Nostalgic, Fun; it’s Christmas at Winterval-GO!

Winterval waterford ireland christmas

Wonderfully nostalgic Christmas Toy Museum, Winterval, Waterford

Elegant, rustic, nostalgic, fun– Christmas!

Experience it all at Winterval in Waterford, where it is impossible to be a Scrooge, no matter what your tastes.

Viking Christmas, winterval waterford ireland

Viking Christmas tree, in the beautiful Greyfriars ruins, Winterval

From the Georgian elegance of The Bishop’s Palace to the down-to-earth Christmas at the Viking Settlement, there is plenty to gladden your heart. I’ve been to Winterval the past two years and highly recommend it- there’s loads to see and do for all ages. Here I’ll show you a bit of what’s on & a video clip of the lightshow to whet your appetite.

At the Toy Museum the kids can play with the giant chess set &more while you have a joyful trip down memory lane– toys here span the decades. I’m really looking forward to bringing my Mother- there will be so much for us to reminisce over from both our childhoods 🙂

Please note- The Toy Museum is open 9.30am-6pm through 23 Dec, but not after, although some other Winterval events will continue after Christmas from the 27th to the 31st.

The Vikings of Waterford would be astounded by all of our toys, and you may be astounded by what the Vikings were making & eating for Yule. The live re-enactment of the Viking Christmas at Winterval is fascinating, and wonderfully located in the picturesque ruins of Greyfriars church. Click the link above for exact times, last day 23 Dec. Don’t miss it!

Quite different from the Vikings of Waterford a millennium ago (Actually, 1,100 years in 2014! Check out the exciting Vadrefjord event on 4 Jan) is the life of the wealthy Georgian era families. The Bishop’s Palace Christmas is elegant and refined, well worth the €7 if you enjoy a bit of history & elegant buildings, especially if you do the guided tour. (Kids under 14 free)

Viking Christmas / Yule meal Winterval waterford ireland
Viking Christmas / Yule meal Winterval waterford ireland

There’s a bit of difference in that Georgian meal versus the Viking one, isn’t there? Wonder what Vikings would have thought of the Waterford crystal chandelier.

The Christmas lights throughout Waterford mightn’t be quite as fancy as the Bishop’s chandelier, but they sure do add to the festive atmosphere. The Winterval Express train tooting its way through the city centre, the gorgeous draft horse drawn sleigh, and the dreamy merry-go-round are just a few of the fun for all ages things to do. There’s a free nighttime lightshow, too! You could easily fill a full day at Winterval with fun, feasting and shopping. I’m only featuring a few things in the array, so click to see what else is happening.

Here’s a short video clip of the Winterval Illuminates light show. I hope you can make to Waterford & enjoy all that Winterval has to offer. Waterford City is clean, compact and always puts on great festivals- do visit, any time of year!

For more on Waterford, have a look here.

See here for more Christmas in Ireland– events and gift ideas.


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This looks very interesting, I’ve never actually been in Ireland at Christmas, when I lived there I always went back home to Finland for the holidays. Have a lovely Christmas, there definitely seems to be lot going on in Ireland during the holidays!!

Next year maybe Satu 🙂

Reeta @houseofanais

So lovely, I just cant get enough of Christmas lights and markets!

Thanks Reeta, it’s a special time of Herat year!

This looks beautiful. My friends are on their way there now and I hope they find it!

(and by there, I mean Ireland)
And “I hope they find it” meaning I’m not sure what their plans are at all – so I hope they stumble upon it.

Hi Ann, not sure where my first reply went, so I’ll try again! Hope your friends have a wonderful time, and if they need any info or anything I could maybe help them with, do tell them to tweet or email me 🙂

Wow- I loved this! I was just in Waterford this past summer so it was nice to see these dressed up for Christmas 🙂

That’s cool that you were in Waterford this summer, Farrah 🙂 2014 looks exciting there too with the 1,100 yr anniversary events planned through out the year

I love that photo that is red and green. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Thanks Leigh, Happy Christmas!

I would love to see the Viking Christmas Tree! I’ve been reading a lot about Viking-era Archaeology lately, but it’s a lot more fun to see a living version.

I’m enjoying all your features about Christmas in Ireland and it’s making me want to go to Ireland for the holidays next year! We have friends who are headed there for the holidays and I’m a wee bit jealous!

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