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Furnace Fitness demo

DO try this at home!

Food lovers, health lovers & coffee lovers all got loads of great tips and tasty eats at my hubby Terry’s Furnace Fitness’ Healthy Eating & Meal Planning demo. The demo was filmed and will be up online in a few weeks, but until then, here are 2 of  the recipes and we tested out a new way to treat yourself to coffee. (Yes, coffee can be good & good for you for you- just don’t go overboard!) 


Irish Chili Sauce?

This recipe is made extra delicious by any spicy ingredients you might add. Terry loves Irish- made Mic’s Chilli, but you can add whatever you fancy. Mic’s has all different grades of hotness, so there may be one perfect for you.


Frittata Oven Baked Vegetable Omelette

Broccoli, bell pepper, other left-over veg you may want to use up
You can also add half a sweet potato (pre-cooked) 
Olive oil
1 small red onion  & 2 large cloves of crushed garlic
Spices – Asian/taco/curry. Hot sauce, Worcester sauce. Salt & black pepper

1/2 cup milk

6-8 Eggs, free range preferable


Round one of food samples at the demo

Heat up the veg in a wok with a few glugs of olive oil, add crushed garlic and pepper, your chosen spices ( for Taco seasoning about half packet, or for curry or Asian spice apprx 2 tablespoons) black pepper to taste, pinch salt, stir-fry for 2 minutes.
In a blender whizz eggs, dash Worchester sauce & chilli sauce and the 1/2 cup milk.
Place veg in deep oven dish, pour egg mix over it, add some feta cheese on top and bake 20-30 mins in the oven at 180c or gas mark 5/6; til the centre doesn’t wiggle.

Allow to cool, cut into generous squares and serve with a salad or you can even eat it cold the next day.

I have to add here a big thank-you to Bosch, who make the fantastic red whizzer you see in the photo. I was given it when I attended the Tassimo hot drinks machine launch a few days before Terry’s demo. Don’t you know he loved it & robbed it for the demo straight away! Seriously, it is good. When Terry whizzed up the eggs in it I heard more than a few appreciative comments in the audience.


Irish Pork is Top Notch

The second recipe is for pork. Ireland has some of the best pork products I’ve ever tasted, so it is no wonder we love our pork. This quick & easy recipe was a big hit and takes only minutes to make. Additionally, food that you can pick up and eat with your hands can be extra satisfying, especially when it is crunchy &  savory. Kids really enjoy it, which is fantastic.


Crunchy Pork

Pan sear minced streaky pork

Add Thai 7 spice, continue browning pork until golden

Add 1-2 crushed garlic cloves, and a few dashes each of Soya sauce & Worcestershire sauce.

Stir them in, browning off pork to semi-caramelise the outside

Scoop up pork & serve on  Baby Gem, Cos, or other large leaf lettuce

Drizzle with Honey Mustard dressing (2 tbsp sherry vinegar, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1  tbsp of Dijon mustard & wholegrain mustard, pinch herbs Provence, 1 tsp  manuka honey, pinch black pepper, salt, dash of Worcestershire sauce. Shake.) This is a good recipe to play with adding/subtracting ingredients/amounts to find your/your family’s favorite taste combination.

Crunchy pork

Eating with your hands is fun! Scoop up a leaf!


 Time for Coffee!

Now for testing the new way to make coffee— and hot chocolate! Ok, hot chocolate is not officially ‘healthy’ but a little of what you fancy does you good 🙂 As I had been invited to the Tassimo coffee machine launch, I was given of those beauties to have & test out and share my thoughts. What better place than the Furnace’s demo to see was the machine & the taste of the coffees up to scratch.


Was it any good?

Loads of thirsty attendees put the machine through its paces. The way it works is you put a ”T-Disc” in the machine, the machine reads a barcode on the disc pack and knows how to adjust the brewing time, pressure and water temperature for the hot drink you want. There are T-Discs for lattes, espressos, cappuccinos, teas, and so on.

The Tassimo did well even though there were several different newbies all giving it a go. All enjoyed their drinks, and what is brilliant is that even though you may be making, say, a hot chocolate immediately after a latte, there is no taste mixing because the machine steam cleans itself between each cup. The only hitch came when a few people removed their cups too soon and there was an overflow. The Tassimo is easy to use, but as all the use by newbies showed, it can take a time or two before some of us get completely used to it. (Some of us- I was guilty too- don’t look at the lit-up buttons telling us what stage the machine is in!)


Tassimo, Kenco Caffe Crema, mmm

Tassimo, Kenco Caffe Crema, mmm my fav one

Less Than A Minute

Where the Tassimo really shines is for that quick cup of something hot. From switching the machine on, to drinking a perfect hot beverage is only about a minute. This is something non-morning people really appreciate! Also, although coffee in moderation can be good for you, too much is not, and I’ve found just making a single cup when I want it has saved me drinking that extra cup left in the French coffee press because I didn’t want it to waste! I have to say that even though I’m normally a grind-fresh-coffee-beans-for-coffee kind of gal, I have realized I’m also quite lazy! Sometimes I don’t want all the fuss. 


Taste, and a Big Winner

So, how does the taste compare? Well, the coffees in the Tassimo range are the High Street names and tastes you know and probably love- Costa, for example. The Tassimo Costa coffees are just like the ones in the shop, but cost only around 37 cent vs 3-ish euros; good savings on your daily fix. Of the ones we’ve tried so far, the Kenco Caffe Crema is Terry’s & my favourite. It obviously is not an artisan coffee like our Irish favorites Badger & Dodo, but maybe they’ll start a Tassimo sideline 🙂 A BIG winner at the Healthy Eating demo was the Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate. LOL. Several people said it was the best hot chocolate they’d ever had! Hey, that’s great- and if they keep coming to the exercise classes they can have a cup everyday 😉 Win-Win!

You can buy the Tassimo machine &  8 varieties of T-Discs at Tesco, and there are additional T-Disc varieties available to purchase online at

The Bosch Tassimo range is available both in store and online RRP €119.95*. Irish consumers can get €20 discount* off T-DISCs  when they spend €25 +P&P at

*18 years only, see for further details

Many thanks to all who came to the demo, to Event Media for filming & photos, Eoin for all his assistance & to Tassimo and Bosch for providing their products mentioned in this post.

Slow Food Tours at Waterford Harvest Festival
 It is less than a week until the Ireland’s largest food festival, the Waterford Harvest Festival (Sept 10- 16,) and on several of the days you can go on a different tempting Slow Food guided tour. Have a read of each days’ tour, below, & plan your visit/s accordingly. You may want to do all 5!
 Here’s the info from the festival:
 September 10: Visit a prize winning dairy farm at milking time to view the process in action and then meet John Flahavan at the sixth generation miller’s facility at Flahavan’s Porridge in Kilmacthomas. The final stop is an opportunity to meet Grace Kiersey and take a tour of her vegetable garden also near Kilmacthomas, County Waterford. It promises to be a real treat of a day out and something that should not be passed up for any curious foodies who want to get a behind the look at some local food production.
September 11: Brilliant for seafood lovers.. Ahoy there me hearties! Take a nautical adventure where you can experience seaweed foraging on Boat Strand, a talk from Bord Iascaigh Mhara on local fisheries and a visit to Flanagan’s Fish Mongers where you will be able to taste scallops, mussels, oysters, crab, lobster and many more seafood delights.
Waterford Harvest Fesival Apples
 September 12: Visitors will be taken on a journey north of the River Suir to south Kilkenny to visit High Bank Organic Orchards where you can view the production of their organic juices and syrup and also sample the finished products. From there the tour will travel to Goatsbridge Trout Farm where you will experience their eco friendly work environment and taste their premiumfish and smoked trout produce. You may even be lucky enough to get some tasty caviar samples! To round off the tour, it is then on to Knockdrinna Farmhouse Cheese to observe their cheese production and indulge in some of the finished products.
 September 14: A trip to Dunhill Ecopark & Community Garden is first on the cards for this Slow Food Tour. Visitors will be able to take in the fantastic scenery of the community garden and stretch their legs out in the fine County Waterford air. You will also be able to sample some very tasty treats from artisan food producers and see the recently installed apiary from the Beekeepers Federation along with the Crough Venison Farm. 
Bilberry Goats, Waterford
 September 15: A trip to a traditional Waterford Craft Butcher is the first port of call. At the butchers, guests will get the chance to view and sample local meat specialties such as Crubeens, Chucks and Pig’s Tail.A visit to the uniquely Waterford Bilberry Goats Heritage Trust at Bilberry Rock, Gracedieu is a perfect way to finish up the Slow Food Tours. You will be able to experience the protected creatures in their beautiful and often periloussurroundings and sample their homemade goats cheese!You may be wondering: Where is the Slow Food tour for the 14th?Well, it is SOLD OUT, so hurry & book your places on these ones!
All Slow Food Tours depart the House of Waterford Crystal at their appointed date and time, tickets are €14 for a place on the bus and a car travelling is €10 per car. Guests will travel on a 15-seat bus and 8 persons are required to make trip viable. Tickets for the tours are available on
The city will be in festival mode from September 10 to 16 with a further programme of events on offer for all the family. For a full programme of events see waterfordharvestfestival.iewhattoseeinireland whattoeatinireland