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Storm Christine rocks Ireland’s coast

Photos: The latest in a series of extreme winter storms to hit Ireland, Christine has sent up huge waves battering the coast.

On 6 January 2014, the 175th anniversary of the legendary Night Of the Big Wind in Ireland, #stormChristine caused (and is still causing at time of writing) extensive damages along much of the coast of Ireland. Images of huge waves were shared across Twitter; here are some of the most dramatic.

huge waves from storm christine batter tramore Ireland
#StormChristine Sea surge as wall of water hits Tramore, Co.Waterford Via Beautiful Ireland Photography #TV3Weather
frightening waves from storm christine ireland by Brendan st John
#StormChristine Tramore in Co.Waterford continues to get a hammering tonight via Brendan St.John #TV3Weather
20 foot wave slams into tramore pier during storm christine, Ireland, pic john crowley
Ack! Stay away peeps! RT @CalypsoIT: 20ft wave over #Tramore Pier by John Crowley #stormireland #stormchristine
As well as Tramore in co. Waterford, waves were ferocious in Blackrock, co. Louth.
#StormChristine Violent sea surges in Blackrock, Co.Louth this morning via Jason McGee #TV3Weather
#StormChristine Huge waves battering Blackrock, Co.Louth via Briege Roe#TV3Weather
Surfer’s paradise Lahinch, co. Clare had been very hard hit during the storm that had just passed on 4 January 2014.
massive waves at Lahinch ireland by geroge karbus
Unbelievable photo of High Tide last night by George Karbus
And #stormChristine tore into Ireland again.
#StormChristine Mega storm surge tonight in Tramore, Waterford via@NoelBrowne5 #TV3Weather
Storm arrived again! Crazy waves @ #Lahinch
A seaside property in Roundstone communed with the sea.
house in the sea during storm christine ireland
Oh feck! #stormchristine RT @ccferrie: Cottage with sea views in Roundstone via @galwayad
As did brave surfers in co. Sligo. They flew in from all over to come surf the storm waves.
surfers brave storm christine huge waves to surf Ireland, pic Magnum Lady
Surfers braving #stormchristine RT @magnumlady: Must be really cool to be able to surf #Mullaghmore #Sligo
STAY SAFE! There are ROCKS in those waves breaking along the coast- don’t try to get close to take photos. Be careful. And, emm, bring in your pets 😉
someone's always being funny! bring pets in during the storm
RT @sonofbelial: #StormChristine #stormireland Please remember to keep your animals indoors tonight @DublinSPCA

The rosy-fingered dawn of Ireland

The rosy-fingered dawn of Ireland

The shorter days of Autumn have a silver lining: you’re  more likely to be up to see the sunrise. In the height of summer, the sun starts to lighten the sky here in the Barrow valley around 4 a.m, and it peeps over the the Blackstairs mountains around 5. I’m not usually awake for that! But now, in November, the sun has a lie-in until 8, and I’m one of the the not-so-early birds reaping the reward.

So although Homer wasn’t talking about Ireland in the Odyssey, it is kind of appropriate:

“When the child of morning, rosy-fingered Dawn, appeared, we admired the island and wandered all over it..”

Autumn is a special time to be in Ireland; enjoy these sunrises.

autumn sunrises ireland

Some mornings are more subtly beautiful, the cloud dancing with & hiding the mountains

autumn sunrise ireland

Every sunrise is a bit different.

autumn sunrises ireland

Some days have very misty beginnings


misty ireland

Some misty mornings turn into misty days


autumn sunrise ireland

Some mornings are just golden

blue sky ireland
And turn into amazing blue-sky days.


If you would like to read more about our area of the Barrow Valley, there are several posts in the Graiguenamanagh category. It is a beautiful, quiet & unspoiled spot in the sunny southeast of Ireland. I hope you’ll be inspired to watch an Autumn sunrise in Ireland, and maybe even from the Barrow Valley 🙂

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The bad news is it has rained every day so far this October in Ireland; BUT the good news is that this gives you a better chance to win some wellies from Mountain Warehouse!
They are running a fun contest, and here’s how you can enter:

Take a photo of you making a big splash (the bigger the better!)
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Of course there are some terms & conditions, nothing onerous, just check them out on the link above.

I’m off to the west of Ireland on a 3 day Paddywagon tour from tomorrow, and now I’m hoping for rain! Happy Splashing 🙂

Agata on the Inishmore cliffside during her 1st Ireland visit

Agata on the Inishmore cliffside during her 1st Ireland visit


A 1st Ireland Visit

A fair few people find their first Ireland visit is marked by an appreciation of Nature (yep, capital N- often a bit of awe in the feelings the Irish landscape inspires.) But what about visitors who are slightly iffy about Ireland before they arrive?

Like Agata, who visited Ireland for the first time in a record cold May. As she says herself, she didn’t have Ireland on her bucket list, and “considered it too cold and windy.” Did she enjoy Ireland, or was the weather in Ireland too chilly and damp? I’ll let her tell you what she thought in her own words:


Ireland As I Saw It

Ireland was never on my bucket list. I considered it too cold and too windy as for holiday destination. While it is windy and it is rainy this country has so much to offer! I’ve just got back from my first trip to Ireland and I must admit it was fabulous! My short description of Ireland would be: green, changeable, picturesque and fascinating.



It is called ‘The Green Island’ and it really is green. I was lucky to see it in spring time when endless pastures were vivid green but I think that due to intense rain it remains green all year round. This color is everywhere: green ties, green neons, green bags, green pillows. If you pay attention you’ll see a green color everywhere. It is hard to imagine St. Patrick’s Day when even Irish beer becomes green.

Ireland is not only green in terms of color. It also favors green solutions like recycling or bicycles. Two examples: the length of cycling roads in Dublin and bike rentals on the Aran Islands. Although it might be tricky to cycle around Dublin without knowing the city, it is extremely comfortable in remote places, like Inishmore. Treating it as a mean of transportation adds pleasure to sightseeing.



Change is good. In the Irish case this is even excellent because what I mean here is changeable weather conditions. I stayed in Ireland for a week and each day I had bit of sun, bit of rain and bit of wind. It seams very unlikely to rain for longer than couple of hours or- as in the case of my stay on Inishmore- for couple of minutes. As a result you get a certainty that at least part of your holiday will be blessed with the sun.

I’ve noticed there is a sort of general method how to deal with changeability of the weather. In a citycenter people tend to wait in a shop until the heavy rain passes and nobody makes any fuss of it. On the island the weather influences your daily routine and the sightseeing. You’ll learn appreciate every minute of sun here.

Aran Island cottage, Ireland

Aran Island cottage, Ireland


Breathtaking views are pretty much everywhere. I crossed the country from the east to the west and saw hundreds dream-like places. Blue sky, green grass, white tiny houses, stone walls, cows, sheep and ponies. A mixture of tradition and fairytale like views. Living in big cities full of noise, rush and stress people are deprived from a country side so when they finally see it their mind blows up. Ireland might not have exotic beaches nor high mountains but what it has is the idyllic countryside. On the other hand, the island also brought some epic vistas: the cliffs were absolutely marvelous. At some point you realize that although Ireland has a relatively mild climate some parts are extremely difficult to live in. The Aran Islands are a good example of rough conditions and bravery of people who live there. As a result the natural beauty is framed with human activity and you can admire a picture of stone walls, white houses along a huge variety of plants and birds.


Celtic crosses on the Aran islands, Ireland

Celtic crosses on the Aran islands, Ireland


Irish culture is captivating. Think about music, dance and prehistoric spots, to name just a few elements of the endless cultural heritage. I’m not saying that you’re able to absorb it all in two weeks of your holiday but coming to Ireland definitely gives you an opportunity to touch some of these miracles. For me the most spectacular was visiting prehistoric spots on Inishmore and listening to live music in a local pub. I think that strong attachment to the tradition is admirable. Moreover, Ireland does not close its culture in a museum with a sign “do not touch works of art”. You can actually experience it in many various ways. One of the biggest pleasures of my visit in Ireland was listening to the Irish language spoken by the locals. It is truly fascinating to hear the sound of cultural heritage and its rich history while sitting in a pub.

Don't get too close! Sea cliff edge, Ireland

Off into the sea. Cliffs on Inishmore, Ireland

To wrap up: Ireland is an interesting holiday destination for many reasons and I am pretty sure that each tourist will find his own. What you can expect from this country is a perfect mix of tradition and modernity, natural wonders and outstanding architecture, idyllic landscape and wilderness. In one word: you need to visit Ireland!


Agata has been always fascinated with travel literature and finally she decided she should travel herself. To date she has visited 20+ countries, focusing on Swedish Lapland, Italy, the United States, Canada and Ireland. Her blog brings interesting stories from remote and chilly locations.

She is currently working on her first book about philosophy of travel. I’m quite looking forward to reading it!

 I also want to say a huge thanks to Agata for writing this post! Give her a follow: 







Aran Isle cottage, Ireland. No rain on this wee bit of Agata'sIireland visit ;-)

Aran Isle cottage, Ireland. No rain on this wee bit of Agata’s Ireland visit 😉