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Cows Dunbrody Abbey at sunset in Ireland Summer Solstice 2014

Cows graze along the ruins of Dunbrody Abbey, sunset in Ireland Summer Solstice

Midsummer’s Day in Ireland was spectacular.

The longest day rejoiced with sun; the Irish Summer Solstice was a beaut. Check out the photos!

walking on Baginbun beach Ireland seaweed forage on summer solstice

Not a Summer Solstice cloud as we foraged seaweed at Baginbun, Wexford

Ireland has some spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Due to its position high up in the Northern Hemisphere, Irish sunrises and sunsets are lingering; not blink and you’ll miss it affairs like near the equator. Of course we haven’t the equator’s heat and reliable sun, but we do have very long summer days. In fact on Midsummer’s Day Ireland’s day length was just 2 minutes shy of 17 hours: 16 hours and 58 minutes.

Love daylight? Well, if you factor in the hours when there is still light, (dawn & dusk, which are also known as ‘civil twilight’,) Ireland Summer Solstice sees only around 5 hours of darkness. Sunrise and Sunset has handy info, here’s Ireland 21 June 2014:


Morning civil twilight 04:07
Sunrise 04:58
Transit 13:28
Sunset 21:57
Evening civil twilight 22:49

calf last of summer solstice sunPhotographs of the Ireland Summer Solstice from sunrise to sunset tweeted by folks around the island are gathered in the Storify below.

First, though, are a few I took as we drove home from foraging seaweed on a Wexford beach.

If you enjoy sunrise/sunset photos, you may like these posts with Irish sunrise photos, here and here, and also here. They’re mostly from winter, when late sunrises make photographing them easier! There are some autumn sunrises here.

Here are some wonderful photos from people on Twitter who have more than camera phones to snap with! Enjoy, and have a happy rest-of-the-summer 😀


Griangrafadoir  is the Irish word for photographer.

The literal translation is sun light designer.

Sunrise at Ireland's Eye, taken from Baldoyle by Jeremy Skillington

Ireland’s Eye, taken from Baldoyle by Jeremy Skillington

Isn’t that lovely? How fitting, especially for the Ireland Sunrise photos.

Here is the newest selection of the photos. They’re just a few of the many shared on Twitter & Instagram, and each week I’ll do a post with more. Remember, if YOU have a photo of a sunrise in Ireland, you can join in by sharing it with the hashtag #IrelandSunrise. Who knows, it may end up on one of these Irish sunrise blogposts as well as on social media 🙂

If you’d like a daily dose of the sunrise photos, check out the #IrelandSunrise hashtag streams, or @VibrantIreland where I RT the Twitter photos. Thank you!

BIG thank yous to everyone who is sharing- I get lovely responses from folk saying how your photos are brightening their day! Well done, you sunlight designers 😀

Declan Gilmore shares a beautiful dawn in the southeast with us:

Ireland sunrise & house silhouette by @DecGilmore

Ireland sunrise  & silhouette in the SouthEast by @DecGilmore

Dublin City has its own special sunrise beauty, as Gary Reville shows:

Sunrise Dublin Ireland by @rockyreville

Sunrise over the Eircom building, Dublin, Ireland by Gary @rockyreville

 Woolly sheep in the field are toasty even on a frosty morning, from Suzanna Crampton:

A frosty Ireland Sunrise for @zwartableIsE sheep

A frosty Ireland Sunrise for @ZwartablesIE sheep

Johann Doorley captured the sun as it crests the horizon and silhouettes the twisty branches of a wind-weathered Hawthorn tree:

Ireland Sunrise cresting the dark horizon by @caccabus

Sunrise cresting the dark horizon, by @caccabus

Whilst a small boat heads out do see what the day will bring, via Will McGoldrick:

The boat Fearless II heads out at sunrise in Youghal, Cork, Ireland. By Will McGoldrick.

The Fearless II heads out at sunrise in Youghal, Cork. By Will McGoldrick @whipperwills

On the outskirts of Dublin City, the Irish Sea reflects the sunrise, shared by @justaddattude on Instagram:

On the west coast of Ireland, in Sligo, Val Robus gives us the contrast of the vast sunrise sky versus being fenced in:

Also in Sligo, Ken McGuire wakes up to a beautiful Christmas day. Yes, sunrises are a gift. Enjoy!

Keep watching for the Irish sunrises- in person, on social media, and each week on Vibrant Ireland. Why not try a little sun-designing & join in? 🙂 

What time is the sunrise here in Ireland in January? Well, it changes a little each day, but for middle of January sunrise time is around 8.40 am- 8.30 am.

Missed last week’s #IrelandSunrise post? You can read it here!

May you enjoy each day ahead

first sunrise of 2014 Ireland

The first sunrise of 2014, in the Barrow Valley, ireland

 A fresh start.

Sunrise. A new day.

Often a surge of exhilarating beauty which we enjoy as the sun wakes up the sky. Perfect antidote to the Monday morning blahs.

Enjoy this very first round up of the Ireland sunrises sourced from photos people shared on Twitter and Instagram.

Would you like to share your sunrise in Ireland photos too? Just tweet or Instagram them with the hashtag #IrelandSunrise and I’ll re-share as many as possible. I’ll also use several in the weekly Ireland Sunrise post on

What time is the sunrise here in Ireland when these were taken? Well, it changes a little each day, but for end December & start of January a loose time is around 8.40 am.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their photographs over the past few weeks. So many people have enjoyed seeing them! Keep up the good work 🙂

Enjoy the sunrises!


Here are just a few of the #IrelandSunrise pictures shared on Twitter:


 From the West:

 From Dublin:

Wow! #Irelandsunrise RT @gribers: Dublin sunrise a little earlier. #photography

Dublin sunrise by @gribers

— Susan VibrantIreland (@VibrantIreland) December 19, 2013



A frosty Cow:

A Path to the Sunrise:

A vibrant Collage:

A glittering morning at a Sligo Lake:

There were so many wonderful photos shared over the past few weeks, and these are just a few. Do have a look at #IrelandSunrise on Twitter to see more, and also on Instagram. Keep sharing YOUR photos, too! I’ll be choosing from both new shares & the older shared photos for another blog post next week.