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red Flowers in World Flower show Dublin 2014Be surrounded by beauty!

Photos: The World Flower Show Dublin 2014 !

Oh yes, it’s ace! I’m just back from the World Flower Show, Dublin and it is full of stunning designs! You won’t believe the amount of floral art displays; all sorts, for all tastes. From funky and vibrant, to clean & cool modern, to full flowery billowy, there’s plenty to enjoy.

UPDATE: The Flower Show is over now, but check out the photos!

I spent 3 hours oohing & ahhing and taking photos. I could easily have done an hour more. Give yourself plenty of time to see all you’d like– I wish I hadn’t had to leave!

To whet your floral appetite, or to give you a taste of the flower show if you can’t go, I’ve made a 2 minute photo video (at bottom,) as well as the photos here. Believe me when I say there is SO much more to see. Some shots of the amazing floral creations just didn’t come out, so there are loads of wow-factor designs not getting a hat-tip here. Go see for yourself!

judges pick best in show world flower show dublin

The judges pick Vinta Khemka’s (India) creation as Best In Show

I’ll see if I can easily add the list of winner for you shortly, but until then, here are the judges at the Winner of Best in Show. Vinta Khemka of India won it with her tranquil arrangement in the Quietude theme.

Northern Ireland had a great win when Rev William McMillian won Most Innovative with his Celtic inspired entry in Anthologia.  Check out the truly green Green Man on the pillar.

Fittingly, in the category of Fairy Ring, Ireland took 2nd and 3rd place, plus a load of commended. I don’t think I’ve any photos of that category. (FAIL!) I told you there is loads to see! I must have missed it.

You will forgive me- there are 31 different categories, and it is easy to just become enchanted by the beauty and artistry all around….hmmm, maybe the whole show is a fairy ring! 😀


Get there early if you can. On Thursday by 11 there was a queue to get in, and it was quite busy. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy. I reckon a minimum would be about 3 hours.

There are also trade stands where you can buy bulbs, plant pots, glass craft, cute scarves & more. There are also interesting organizations’ stands; do call by the Carlow Garden Festival & Trail’s stand, for example. You could win tickets to Carol Klein’s talk at their fest!

Tempting shopping stalls at World Flower Show!

Tempting shopping stalls at World Flower Show!

The World Flower Show Dublin tickets can be bought on the door at the RDS. Cost is €25. The amount of top class floral art  on show here you just won’t get anywhere else! Tis well worth it if you enjoy flowers–compare to the cost of a movie & popcorn– and for a little more you can totally surround yourself in beauty 🙂

Click for more on Ireland’s World Flower Arrangers 

Enjoy The World Flower Show Dublin!

I’ll work on getting a list or a link to the list of all winners for you. I hope you enjoy the photos, and the video is at the bottom of this post. It will give you a taster of the show.

I’d like to dedicate these photos to Al & Barbara, who have hearts even more beautiful than the flowers. I know you’ll be on your feet dancing through life again soon. xx


n [youtube_sc url=”” title=”World%20Flower%20Show%20Dublin%202014″]

World Flower Show 2014, dublin IrelandIt’s the Olympics in Ireland!

Olympics of of flower arranging, that is! Ireland is hosting the World Flower Show 2014 this June 18-22, and it’s going to be gorgeous.

If you love flowers, take a trip to Dublin’s RDS and spend some time being surrounded by beauty & floral design. I’ll be travelling to the show on the Thursday, and I’ll be sharing photos from my visit on Vibrant Ireland Twitter & Susan_VibrantIreland Instagram.

The World Flower Show being in Dublin is a unique opportunity for those of us living here, and visitors to Ireland, to see something special. Floral design really pushes envelopes theses days, and the raw material used by the designers is generally gorgeous no matter if the design is to your taste or not. Set a few hours aside to go and gander!


Here’s a bit more information from The World Flower Show 2014:

World Flowers show apron man

The WAFA has some attractive merchandise for sale themselves. (Man not included.)

600 leading floral artists from 31 countries will compete at the highest level. Internationally renowned floral designer Jane Godshalk of Longwood Gardens, one of the finest botanical gardens in the US, will be one of the high-profile demonstrators. When the World Association of Flower Arrangers says it’s international, they’re not kidding! Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, France, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Oman, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uruguay and Zimbabwe are all members.

There will be floral demonstrations by leading Irish and International demonstrators from Barbados, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and USA; lectures including Seamus O’Brien on the famous Irish plantsman Augustine Henry, Prof George Sevastopulo on The Burren, and Dr Jennifer Goff on Eileen Gray; social evenings at the Preview Party and Gala Banquet, and tours to leading public and private gardens.

From floral art accessories and jewellery to Irish crafts and foods, the RDS Industries Hall will host a full selection of trade stands of Irish and international exhibitors.

Opening times for the World Flower Show at the RDS, Dublin are:

Wednesday 18th June 2014:  19:30—22:00 
Thursday 19th June 2014:  10:00—21:00 
Friday 20th June 2014:  10:00—21:00 
Saturday 21st June 2014:  10:00—18:00 
Sunday 22nd June 2014: 10:00—17:00 

Tickets available on the door, €25 

Find out more about The World Flower Show & World Flower Arrangers here.

Enjoy!flower: peony rose

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity!

One of the best things I did last year was take part in this exciting and totally down-to-earth weekend of seeing &  getting comfortable with understanding contemporary dance: Fast Track To Dance at Dublin Dance Festival.

You’ll be with a group of all sorts of folk who also are a bit curious about dance, but don’t know much about it. That’s how it was last year; some people hadn’t really ever watched a full dance performance, others had, but felt a bit confused as to what it ‘meant’, and some folk had seen a few shows & enjoyed them, but felt like they still didn’t really ‘understand’ or know how to talk about dance.

Swing, from Fishamble via Dublin Dance Festival

Swing, from Fishamble via Dublin Dance Festival 2014

That  last one was my situation, and I wrote here  about how Fast Track To Dance opened up a new confidence and enjoyment of dance for me.

Our group was good fun last year, and talking with others & being able to sometimes say together ” WTF was that show about?”  is great! Even better is that then through chatting as a group, you begin to see the dance pieces through others’ eyes & ideas, and amazingly, WTF often gradually becomes AHA!

You’ll see loads of  shows and you’ll have a chance to talk with those involved in dance, too. It is great value for a very interesting and fun weekend, and I SO recommend it. Fast Track To Dance was so popular last year that this year Live Collision & Dublin Dance Festival are running 2 Fast Track weekends! Here is the scoop:



Fast Track to Dance is back, after a very successful pilot programme in 2013. Live Collision and Dublin Dance Festival invite participants to apply to take part in this joint initiative for dance audiences.

This is an exceptional opportunity for anyone who is curious about dance, but hasn’t seen very many dance performances. It is for those of you who are ‘dance novices’ but who also sport an enthusiasm and interest to see more dance shows and to know more about the art form.

Fast Track to Dance is a completely immersive weekend at Dublin Dance Festival delving into the Festival’s vibrant programme of work  Two groups of 15 people will be selected to form two Fast Track To Dance groups.

Together as a group you will embark on a weekend packed full of dance, a real festival experience! You will see multiple shows from both national and international dance makers, you will meet the creative team behind the Festival, you will attend post show discussions and you will have a group round-table with some of the makers/choreographers. The one thing you won’t do is dance, but you will find out a whole lot more about going to see dance, about the Festival and about the artists who present dance work in Ireland and beyond.

Fast Track to Dance will form a significant part of the Dublin Dance Festival’s 10th Festival programme and celebration. Fast Track to Dance is produced and facilitated by Lynnette Moran (Live Collision founder and director) and Niamh McCann (Actor, Coach and Facilitator)

Fast Track is a short sharp burst of activity that will introduce the group to dance as an art form – and will build a critical language and confidence around seeing and talking about dance performances.

What do you need to do –

Fast Track to Dance will run 2 groups over 2 weekends. Applicants must have full availability on the following dates and times –

Group 1

Thur 22nd May 5.30pm – 10pm

Fri 23rd May 5.30pm – 10pm

Sat 24th May  12pm – 10pm


Group 2

Thur 29th May 5.30pm – 10pm

Fri 30th May 5.30pm – 10pm

Sat 31st May  12pm – 10pm

How to apply – please send the following

  • A short (150 word) statement about why you would like to take part. Please give us an indication of why you are interested in this initiative, and/or why you would like to find out more about dance through this programme.
  • Please include your name, address, email and contact number

Please send to  including ‘FAST TRACK application’ in subject bar of your email.

Deadline: Monday 12th May before 6pm

Price: €80 inclusive of all show tickets, meet the makers and talks. 

You will see over 7 shows, 2 Post shows, 1 meet the maker session and several facilitated group discussions

Should you have any queries please email the same address. Please note we have a very limited number of places available on the programme. Please note there are two weekend programmes and you can only apply to one.

Discover more about Fast Track to Dance here –

 Apply! I may see you at the Festival– I’ve got my tickets & can’t wait to see loads of shows. Enjoy Dublin Dance Festival 2014!

Liz Roche Company Interloper posterSometimes words are so frustrating.

Especially when trying to describe something that moves you. Something that stirs up the dust covering the realm where your nearly forgotten memories and emotions live. And when that something kicks up the dust, you realize those memories & emotions aren’t just playing out in your head, they are in your body too. Even the smell of the way things were comes rushing back.

That’s a powerful something. I don’t know what that something was for you, but for me, it was Liz Roche Company’s Body and Forgetting.

Now, Liz Roche Company has a new work: Interloper. It will be on in Dublin from 26 Feburary – 1 March. I’m certainly going! Contemporary dance is a wonderful art form where you don’t need words, and as I found out through speaking with dancers & choreographers at Dublin Dance Festival‘s ‘Fast Track to Dance,’ you needn’t worry if you can’t figure out what it’s ‘about!’ A piece might just be ‘about’  beautiful and/or interesting movements. Whew! Pressure to understand is gone!

The message the dance folks gave us was this: if dance brings your mind & emotions somewhere, great- but don’t sit there sweating it by trying to know exactly what is being ‘said,’ or feeling that you’ll get it wrong. Just have the experience of watching. What you think & feel beyond that is going to be individual to you, and there is no ‘wrong’ in that. So enjoy!

Here’s a bit about Interloper (because we do still love words!) and a video of excerpts.




Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin


Interloper [in-ter-loh-per]: a person who becomes involved in a place or situation where they are not wanted or are considered not to belong.


We all question our place amongst people and wonder if we truly belong. Who decides if we belong or not? Isn’t there something life-affirming in deciding not to listen to your doubting inner voice, but instead to jump into each new situation not knowing what treasures you might find?


Leading Irish dance company Liz Roche Company are bringing their new work, Interloper, to the Samuel Beckett Theatre Dublin, with performances 26th February – Saturday 1st March.


The work features dancers Liz Roche and Henry Montes, actress Caitríona Ní Mhurchú and drummer Bryan O’Connell, with lighting from Lee Curran and set & costume design by Joe Vanek.


This eclectic cast of individuals comes together to perform a quirky and heartfelt dance piece that explores identity and belonging. Interloper highlights the bonds we make and break on a daily basis, and how we try to balance what we want with the desires of those around us.

Liz says of this experience, “As a group of performers brought together specifically for this show, we all genuinely felt like interlopers at various points along the way, questioning our place in the piece and wondering if we belonged.

“The inspirations for Interloper have come from so many different places – Dublin’s screaming seagulls, the yearning in Neil Young’s songs, timeless Chekov, hilarious and heart-breaking personal stories among the cast and crew, giddy morning walks on Foley St, the list goes on…Interloper has evolved from all of these places…”


Details of dates & how to get tickets

Wednesday 26th February 8pm – Preview

Thursday 27th February–Saturday 1st March 8pm (Matinee 2.30pm Saturday March 1st)

Booking: Advance bookings may be made at Samuel Beckett Theatre online. Tickets will also be available on the door or from the Box Office. Phone + 353 (01) – 896 2461 from 3pm on days of performance.

Prices: €18 / €14 concession

Liz Roche Company is one of Ireland’s leading contemporary dance companies. Known for its own distinctive movement and performance style, the Dublin based company presents the works of choreographer Liz Roche in collaboration with artists, dancers and designers of the highest caliber. The company has produced over twenty original productions since its establishment in 1999 and has performed throughout Ireland and in the UK, Germany, France, USA and China.

Interloper is part of Dublin Dances Into Spring.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Liz%20Roche%20Company%20%27Interloper%27″]

Here’s a video from Body and Forgetting

 [youtube_sc url=”” playlist=”Liz Roche Company ‘Body and Forgetting'”]

Hope you enjoyed! Dance into Spring 🙂

Is the way to find Dublin’s heart through your stomach? Try a Fab Food tour and see!

Fab Food trails Dublin Ireland

Corleggy Irish Cheese. Free samples are great! You can get a taster box for a fiver.

Going on a food tour is a fantastic way to get to know a place.

Not only will the eats & drinks satisfy your taste buds, a good tour will cater to your craving to experience an area’s history, culture, and local gems. This could be a tall order for something that lasts around 2.5 hours, but it can be done. I’ve experienced 2 food tours that fit the bill perfectly; one with Walks of Italy in Venice, and this one in Dublin with Fab Food Trails.


Visitors and Locals

Hometown crowds are often the toughest. As well as visitors, the Fab Food tour participants included Dublin locals exploring more of their city. By the end of the tour they’d discovered several new places, had seen their city in a different way and were quite happy; great result! If even locals love it, I think you’re bound to, too.


The elusive Cake Cafe!

The Cake Cafe was one of the places several of us familiar with Dublin were chuffed to finally find. Tales of their delectable treats had been wafting around the internet like a delicious smell on a breeze, but many of us just couldn’t find the physical source! It was Fab Food Trails to the rescue, and our excellent guide Eveleen showed us the simplest way to get there–  by going through Daintree Paper shop!

The Cake Cafe Dublin ireland

You know the Cake Cafe is cool: tasty treats, local & green ethos, and beardy hipster waiter 🙂

(Oh, the browsing & buying that could be done at the shop! Unfortunately Daintree Paper will close 31 Jan 2014 unless they get a buyer. They are having a closing sale & say there will still be Cake Cafe access. You can also get into the Cake Cafe by going around the block.)


Some Tour Highlights


Two other highlights stood out for me on the Dublin food tour. One is the compact 5 minute history of Ireland through food Eveleen tells before you begin the walk. Tis fascinating how so much history can be summed up through the lens of food, farming, and eating. You’ll get nuggets of Dublin history throughout the tour as well, and a favorite was The Swan.


The Swan, Victorian Pub

The Swan Victorian pub hasn’t been destroyed remodeled like many Dublin pubs; it is still home to beautiful original period features. You’ll sip a sample of  Powers Dublin whiskey whilst you listen to the exciting history of the Swan during the Easter Rising. You also get a glimpse into social history as well. Here’s a wee video clip about their snug:

                                                                                                                                Tastings & Tips

swans victorian pub dublin ireland

Swan’s Victorian pub, Dublin Ireland. Gorgeous & full of history from the Rising and more.

There are plenty of  tastings and tips on the tour. You’ll discover where to eat from breakfast to dinner as well as ideas for a fun evening out afterwards. Helpfully, you’ll get a printed leaflet listing what you’ve seen, with & other recommendations too.

The tour is a Fab Food Trail; the only thing I declined to enjoy was the oyster at the end of our tour. I enjoyed the rest of Saturday’s the Temple Bar Food Market, but though the oyster looked fantastic … well, I’m not an oyster person; perhaps you are. You can have mine 🙂

Fab Food Trails (2.5 hrs, €55) give tours in both Dublin and Cork. They are now offering Fashion and Evening tours as well. Here’s the link to the Dublin food tour.

Transparency: when I noticed on Twitter that Fab Food Trails had a place open due to a cancellation, I arranged to join in as a guest. Being a guest does not make me hide the flaws of something when I write about it, but I have no qualms about recommending the Dublin Fab Food Trail tour to you; I found it tasty for both body & mind 🙂

Fab Food Trails Dublin Ireland ; Sheridans Cheese

Sheridan’s is another delicious stop on the Fab Food Trail tour. You’ll sample cheeses & discover some fantastic Irish cheeses too

Fab Food trails Dublin tour

Mmmm fresh bread!

Oyster. Fab Food Trails Dublin Ireland

Even with a lovely salsa on it, I can’t be tempted by a raw oyster. Does it tempt you?


Christmas little boy waiting for santa under christmas tree

Do you have little ones dreaming of Christmas fun?

The RDS in Dublin has a whole Christmas Wonderland of things to do from 6 Dec- 12 January. There’s bound to be something for all ages, with ice-skating & more. I think the little ones will enjoy the Jingle Town show; here’s the scoop:

Jingle all the way to Dublin for a day out!

Instead of a trip abroad this year, why not ‘jingle all the way’ to Dublin for a day out at the RDS and visit Jingle Town, a heart-warming live interactive show, full of excitement, action and adventure. It is for all the family and will run as part of ‘GloHealth Christmas Wonderland‘ at the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin from 6th December to 12th January.

Jingle Town is happy, jolly and full of fun, but…it has a new mayor, and he is intent on stamping out all music, singing and fun from the town. His motto is work, work and then more work! His evil, yet bumbling gremlins do his dirty work around the town, throwing into jail anyone singing or having a good time. He has arrested Santa Claus and now Jingle Town has lost its jingle.

The Jingle Town chimney sweeps are; a boy called Jesse and a Bear called Dusty – can they save the town with the help of their new friend Rocky the Dragonfly and maybe YOU?  Children will get to meet Santa and some of the characters of the show individually afterwards and have their photo taken with their favourite hero! WHO WILL SAVE THE DAY? Will it be YOU?

The RDS will simultaneously play host to a number of other activities each day from 6th December to 12th January including; Funderland, I-skate on ice, Santa’s Christmas Circus, Custard Pie Puppet Company and Illusionist Guy Barrett.

Tickets to Jingle Town are priced from €9 per child or €37.80 for a family of 4 and are available online now at

ANTIMIDAS or Bankers in Hades

Now, here’s something different– a Banking Meltdown Opera!

AntiMidas, or, Bankers in Hades 

This piqued my curiosity, and I think it will yours too. Running  12-14 December, why not do something you mightn’t usually & go see it? If Christmas shopping is squeezing your wallet you may especially enjoy some bankers getting hell! Take a little break for yourself- tickets are only 15/10 concessions.

Here’s the blurb:

Economic crisis has become our new social norm, with opinions about the role of high finance polarised according to political belief and social status. Most people feel bankers should shoulder some degree of responsibility, even blame – but how much, and how should it be levied?

This new opera takes the not altogether balanced view that they should all go to hell! 

Irreverent and irrepressible to equal degrees, this explosive and satiric piece of new writing returns, like many operas, to the Greek myths – only to turn them on their heads. Everything King Midas touched, famously, turned to gold. But everything the banker Antimidas loves turns into quite another substance – which understandably makes for trouble at home…

Topical yet timeless, experimental and entertaining – Antimidas, or, Bankers in Hades rolls up all the contradictions and hurls them in the face of austerity. Fierce, funny and iconoclastic – AntiMidas offers us a new antihero for our financial times.

AntiMidas, or, Bankers In Hades

Dates: 12- 14th December, 8.00pm

Venue: Samuel Beckett Theatre, Trinity College, Dublin 2

Ticketing: €15/ €10 conc. Booking via – available from 25th October




I’m hoping to sort out my schedule so I can get  down to Dublin that weekend- as well as this show there are some fantastic Christmas markets on. This massive one should be full of vintage treasures as well as handmade & more! Great buzz!

Vintage Dublin

Posting a letter to Santa?1920’s Dublin, photo via

Did you write to Santa asking for vintage,hand-made, uniquely designed or quirky items?Or is there someone on your shopping list who’d love the same?

If so, get yourself to at least 1 of these 3 events in Dublin!

Lucky for you, they’re all on around the same place; the undeniably cool Block T arts centre on Smithfield Square in Dublin. So handy, right there by the LUAS–g’wan and get your shopping groove on; it’s that time of year. And, yes, it is perfectly alright to play Santy Claus to yourself, too!

Starting on Thursday, 5 December,events will be on in Block T. the Block T Christmas Craft & Design Christmas Pop-up Shop will tempt you with treasures every Thursday through Sunday, up to 22 December 2013.  Here’s some of what Block T tells us on their Facebook event page:

BLOCK T offers great space for ‘arty’ & unique Christmas gift ideas sold by artists, designers and all sorts of other creatives in and around Dublin.

What’s the buzz?
As a creative incubator, BLOCK T is the perfect location for this Craft & Design Christmas Pop-up Shop. Located in the heart of Smithfield, we offer a cozy environment away from the hectic festive shopping hustle with the possibility to grab a nice cup of coffee/tea and wander along the tables and shelves to find affordable and unique art, handmade crafts & jewelry, records, posters and many more.

Where is it happening?
BLOCK T Showroom, 1-6 Haymarket, Smithfield, Dublin 7
(just off the Luas track at Smithfield station)

When is it hitting the scene?
Pop-up Shop Opening Hours:
Thursday, December 7 @ 11.30am – Sunday, December 22 @ 6.30pm
Every Thursday to Sunday with late Thursday openings (till 8pm)

Who is taking part?
Artists, designers and creative people with their wide range of unique, ‘arty’, creative gift ideas as well as Studio Members of BLOCK T with their creative products, ranging from artisan crafts to music records.

Block T Christmas pop-up

Block T are currently accepting applications from those who wish to rent a spot. For more, see Block T’s event page.

Next up is the legendary Shutterbug vintage clothing Kilo Sale on the 8th of December. Many of you may know of Shutterbug’s fantastic shop here in Kilkenny City, and now’s your chance to really load up on the goods in Dublin, as pieces in this sale in Smithfield are being sold  by weight; €20 per kilo. There’ll also be pop-up shops to round out your unique-gift Christmas shopping. Find out more here. Shutterbug Kilo sale, Smithfield, Dublin

The third event is the Dublin Flea Christmas Cracker at Block T, on the weekend of 13-15 December. Last year there were over 100 stalls of arty, vintage, unique & tasty items– you won’t want to miss it! Have a look at the video from last year, below. I’m definitely going to this one- in fact I’m booking a night at Generator right across the Square so I can make a weekend of it! There will be loads of Christmas movies on at Lighthouse Cinema (also on Smithfield Square) so don your Christmas jumper & get into the Santy Claus spirit at Smithfield!

See you there 🙂

Christmas Cracker Flea Market 2012 from BLOCK TV on VimeoChristmas movies lighthouse cinema smithfield dublin

Grafton street, Dublin at Christmas. Follow the dark to the Brown Thomas windows ;-)

Grafton street, Dublin at Christmas. Follow the dark to the Brown Thomas windows 😉

Every year, Dublin ups its game Christmas festivity-wise.

Cheery Christmas lights are switched on in the main streets around mid November, and the city twinkles with delight. On Grafton street, an icon of Dubliners’ Christmases causes passersby to slow & gaze for a while: the Brown Thomas Christmas windows. They are always so magical, in a very posh & expensive sort of way–I suppose they’re the stuff many people’s dreams.


This year, though, I think these Christmas windows are a slightly creepy dream.

I’ve played with my photos to ramp up the 20s/30s   theatre theme of the windows, and this just seems to add to the eeriness. A bit of fun! Well, one of the Victorian Christmas traditions was the telling of ghost stories; eerie Christmas has its precedents… What do you think of the windows?


Dublin at Christmas. A  Brown Thomas window.

Dublin at Christmas. A Brown Thomas window.

Dublin at Christmas. A  Brown Thomas window.

Dublin at Christmas. A  Brown Thomas window. Dublin at Christmas. A  Brown Thomas window. wpid-20131119_190249_1_wm.jpgVery glam, but not very cheery-Christmas! If you’d like some real Christmas cheer in Dublin, there is plenty happening; check out these sites for listings:

Dublin At Christmas

Visit Dublin At Christmas at Christmas

You should also think about heading to Waterford for Winterval, which starts 29 November with Santa’s arrival by Viking boat! We love Winterval!

If you need a bit of colour, the next two photos below may help 🙂

Have a great run-up to the Holidays!


Dublin at Christmas. A Brown Thomas window.
Dublin at Christmas. A  Brown Thomas window.


No need to be bored, Pinenut!

No need to be bored, Pinenut!

Bored? No need to be! Here’s just a few ideas of what you could be enjoying in Ireland in the days/weeks to come. 


Dublin Flamenco Festival

Theatre shows from Weds 20-Fri 22 November 2013

As it says on their website: “An exquisite balance between the pure, gypsy tradition and the new trends in dance and music.” —Manuel Moraga, El Callejón del Cante – Radio Exterior de España (RNE.) If you love dance like I do, check this festival out! Here’s a taster:

[youtube_sc url=”” playlist=”Camerata Flamenco dublin Flamenco Festival”]

I’ll be visiting Dublin & seeing some shows myself, and I love staying here when in Dublin; I think it is perfect for culture lovers (or anyone!) on a budget.

For more information on the festival: Dublin Flamenco Festival


VERNACULAR at the National Craft Gallery


2013 is the 50th anniversary of the foundation of ‘Kilkenny Design Workshops’ (KDW),and in honor of this landmark anniversary of Irish design, ‘Vernacular’ will present work from Ireland in furniture, wood, glass, ceramics, textile, basketry and stone

Unfortunately I’ll miss this event with Suzanna from— but you should certainly try to go. She’s a sheep farmer, photographer, and now a craft designer! Enjoy a look round the Vernacular exhibit, a glass of wine, & Suzanna’s talk– its all free, too!


Late Date with Suzanna Crampton, National Craft Gallery

Suzanna's Zwartble's check out the wool yarn

Suzanna’s Zwartble’s check out the wool yarn. from, photo Suzanna Crampton

Thurs 21st Nov 6.30pm

Suzanna Crampton chats about her fields, flock, fleece and Zwartbles Blankets made in collaboration with Cushendales Mills. This will be very interesting! Suzanna has a fab blog & twitter account, and this is a great chance to hear her in person. Wonder will she bring the Cat Shepard?


JFK 50 ”The Remembering”

Friday, November 22nd

JFK 50 ‘The Remembering’ is the last in a year long event programme to commemorate the 35th President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy and his visit to New Ross on 27th June 1963.

A short ceremony will take place at the Emigrant Flame in New Ross, county Wexford during which wreaths will be laid.  The ceremony will commence at 5.50pm and at 6.00pm Memorial wreaths will be laid on the Quay in honour of the 35th President whose life was cut short in Dallas in 1963 at 6.05pm Irish time. The event on the Quay will pay tribute to the President and all those who left our shores never to return home.

The Remembering’ ceremony also feature the premiere of ‘John Fitzgerald Kennedy – The Flame still Burns Brightly’ a specially composed piece of music by distinguished Irish composer Vincent Kennedy.  The piece was commissioned by New Ross Town Council for the event and covers the themes of JFK’s presidency. Members of up to ten different bands will perform this piece.

President Kennedy in Wexford 1963 Ireland

President Kennedy in Wexford 1963

The Emigrant Flame was carried to New Ross from ‘The Eternal Flame’ at President Kennedy’s graveside at Arlington National Cemetery earlier this year. On June 22, on the 50th anniversary of the visit of President Kennedy to his hometown An Taoiseach Enda Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy and Jean Kennedy-Smith set alight the Emigrant Flame monument a symbolic world globe encasing the roots and branches of an Irish Oak tree surrounded by a circle of black granite with a mariners compass carved into the structure on New Ross Quayside and the Dunbrody famine ship as a powerful backdrop.

Following the laying of the wreaths a special Mass to commemorate the life of President Kennedy will be celebrated in the parish Church at 7pm celebrated by Bishop of Ferns Dr. Denis Brennan.  These events are open to the Public with no invitation required. For further details see


ALSO: You can enter to win a flight to bring a loved one home for a visit! Promoted by the folks at the Emigrant Flame, you have until 1 December to get your entry in. Here are the details.



November 25 to 30, 2013

Up to 10,000 people of all ages will be taking part in special “Coding” events and exhibitions all around the country throughout the week in a bid to place Ireland at the top with the most coding events happening anywhere in Europe!

Coding is fun and creative and you too can join in!. With events everywhere from Valencia Island to Donegal – there is sure to be something happening near you – simply log on to to find your nearest event!


Date November 25th to 30th
Location Check online for the nearest event to you :
Ticket price All events are free
Subtitle film fest 2013 kilkenny ireland

Another cool Kilkenny festival!

 Subtitle Film Festival

25 November- 1 December

Another fantastic festival in Kilkenny city, Subtitle is in its second year & has built up quite the buzz! Be sure to check out the program, there’s bound to be a few that will tempt you even if you don’t usually go for subtitled films. I’m certainly marking a few out, especially the ones in our favorite Kilkenny pub, Cleeres.

So what is tickling your fancy?

Do you know of any fab events this month?

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