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The Liffey Dublin,39x57cm, 2010, Charcoal (Credit Denis Mortell)

The Liffey Dublin, 2010, Charcoal (Credit Denis Mortell)

Take your time at ‘Slow Art Day’

Slow Art Day 2014 in Kilkenny will start at 2.30pm in the
Butler Gallery and then move on to National Craft Gallery.

First there was Slow Food, then Slow Travel, and now Slow Art! On 12 April you can enjoy a lingering look at both art and fine craft in Kilkenny City.You’ll look at four works of art for 5-10 minutes each and then get together over coffee to have a chat about the experience. Have a read of what’s on show (and, PS, if you like cheese, the same Slow ethos is inherent in the Artisan Cheese Evening on 3 April at Highbank Orchard.) Here’s the scoop on Slow Art Day:

'Sultanahmet Istanbul'  38x57cm  2008  watercolour (Credit Denis Mortell)

‘Sultanahmet Istanbul’ 2008 watercolour (Credit Denis Mortell)

The Louvre discovered that visitors look at the Mona Lisa for just 15 seconds on average.

This April, take your time and really look. Kilkenny’s National Craft Gallery and the Butler Gallery invite you to join us for this year’s Slow Art Day!

International Slow Art Day on 12th April encourages you to pause and find inspiration within a small selection of artworks for up to 10 minutes each.

This free Kilkenny event will begin at 2.30pm on Saturday 12th April at the Butler Gallery, continuing on to the National Craft Gallery in the Castle Yard. Afterwards visitors are invited to discuss the experience over a coffee.

At the Butler Gallery exhibition gallery visitors will choose a small selection from over four decades of drawings and watercolours by internationally renowned artist Stephen McKenna. On view are landscapes and seascapes that celebrate nature as a place of being, and cityscapes, interiors and still lifes that show the evolution of a pictorial language that expresses McKenna’s beliefs in art.

Over at the National Craft Gallery you can explore Interlace, an exhibition focusing on contemporary interpretations of lace. The exhibition includes work from a diverse range of makers including textile artist Caroline Schofield, glass artist Róisín de Buitléar and fashion designer Natalie B. Coleman. During Slow Art Day spend time reflecting on contemporary lace interpretations in glass, textiles, ceramic and fashion.

Since it’s founding in 2009, Slow Art Day has grown from a single venue event held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City to over 180 venues around the world. Be part of the worldwide movement by getting involved in this local event! Join us for an afternoon of Slow Art starting at the Butler Gallery on Saturday 12th April from 2.30pm.


Medieval stone carving, rude bishop Kilkenny

This sure does look like a rude gesture! I reckon the Bishop is telling the Kilkenny witches to feck off 😉

Mischievous Medieval Folk!

Witches and rude Bishops are just a few of the characters you may meet on Ireland’s Medieval Mile in Kilkenny City.

This charming & friendly small city is full of stories & historic buildings, and with the launch of the Medieval Mile even more gems are being restored– and new attractions added! Kilkenny is definitely a destination to add to your Irish vacation or staycation list.

The Mile roughly runs from Kilkenny Castle to St Canice’s Cathedral, and takes in Rothe House, The Thosel, St Mary’s church and much more. Visit Kilkenny have made a handy interactive map that shows you places of interest. Do note that medieval spots aren’t just on the main mile, but fan out from it as well. Gardens, brewery experiences, The National Museum in Kilkenny, art galleries & more are all in the works, so keep an eye on Visit Kilkenny for updates.

Medieval Knight in Kilkenny. Ireland's Medieval Mile

Sometimes the Medieval walking tour runs in characters & costumes. I took this tour last summer, & it was very good. We were escorted by this medieval knight & met Mr Rothe of Rothe House, Bishop Ledrede, and Dame (witch?) Alice Kyteler. Our Knight was in Big Trouble because he lost his shoes that day!

One of the best ways to discover the gems & hidden histories is to take one of the Medieval walking tours, and during Medieval Week, March 28th – April 6th 2014, they will be lead by costumed actors. I took the tour last year, and it was an interesting & fun way to orient yourself in Kilkenny & learn some history– do try to go!

There are several cool events on for Medieval Week; check out this one where you can meet the pesky Bishop Ledrede  & his nemesis witch Alice Kyteler. It runs Sat 29 March & Sat 5 April at St Mary’s Cathedral, Chapter House Tea Rooms and Kyteler’s Inn:

Dinner with Bishop Ledrede and Dame Alice Kyteler

A chance to meet two of Kilkenny’s most interesting characters! Complimentary drink on arrival at St Mary’s Cathedral, followed by tour of the Cathedral with Bishop Richard Ledrede – in full regalia!  A light bite medieval starter in the Chapter House follows the tour. Bishop Ledrede will then bring our Guests down to Kyteler’s Inn where they will be greeted by Dame Alice who will give them a glass of “Petronella’s Poison” and a little history of her infamous Inn. Main Course will be served – again in keeping with our Medieval Menu. Followed by Dessert. Scroll/Parchment certificates handed out to those who participate.

Booking essential, €17.50 per person (suitable for children)

T: +353 56 7703885   E:


There is plenty more happening on Medieval Week!

Try your hand at glassblowing, the kids can do medieval craft workshops, you can sample medieval cider–  why not check out all the listings county-wide at: . You can also download the Medieval Week brochure with the full events list.


Kilkenny is a fantastic city, and you can check out some of my other posts on Kilkenny here. Please feel free to ask me any Kilkenny questions you may have, and if I can’t answer I’ll do my best to find someone who can. Come visit and enjoy Kilkenny, Ireland!

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Liz Roche Company Interloper posterSometimes words are so frustrating.

Especially when trying to describe something that moves you. Something that stirs up the dust covering the realm where your nearly forgotten memories and emotions live. And when that something kicks up the dust, you realize those memories & emotions aren’t just playing out in your head, they are in your body too. Even the smell of the way things were comes rushing back.

That’s a powerful something. I don’t know what that something was for you, but for me, it was Liz Roche Company’s Body and Forgetting.

Now, Liz Roche Company has a new work: Interloper. It will be on in Dublin from 26 Feburary – 1 March. I’m certainly going! Contemporary dance is a wonderful art form where you don’t need words, and as I found out through speaking with dancers & choreographers at Dublin Dance Festival‘s ‘Fast Track to Dance,’ you needn’t worry if you can’t figure out what it’s ‘about!’ A piece might just be ‘about’  beautiful and/or interesting movements. Whew! Pressure to understand is gone!

The message the dance folks gave us was this: if dance brings your mind & emotions somewhere, great- but don’t sit there sweating it by trying to know exactly what is being ‘said,’ or feeling that you’ll get it wrong. Just have the experience of watching. What you think & feel beyond that is going to be individual to you, and there is no ‘wrong’ in that. So enjoy!

Here’s a bit about Interloper (because we do still love words!) and a video of excerpts.




Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin


Interloper [in-ter-loh-per]: a person who becomes involved in a place or situation where they are not wanted or are considered not to belong.


We all question our place amongst people and wonder if we truly belong. Who decides if we belong or not? Isn’t there something life-affirming in deciding not to listen to your doubting inner voice, but instead to jump into each new situation not knowing what treasures you might find?


Leading Irish dance company Liz Roche Company are bringing their new work, Interloper, to the Samuel Beckett Theatre Dublin, with performances 26th February – Saturday 1st March.


The work features dancers Liz Roche and Henry Montes, actress Caitríona Ní Mhurchú and drummer Bryan O’Connell, with lighting from Lee Curran and set & costume design by Joe Vanek.


This eclectic cast of individuals comes together to perform a quirky and heartfelt dance piece that explores identity and belonging. Interloper highlights the bonds we make and break on a daily basis, and how we try to balance what we want with the desires of those around us.

Liz says of this experience, “As a group of performers brought together specifically for this show, we all genuinely felt like interlopers at various points along the way, questioning our place in the piece and wondering if we belonged.

“The inspirations for Interloper have come from so many different places – Dublin’s screaming seagulls, the yearning in Neil Young’s songs, timeless Chekov, hilarious and heart-breaking personal stories among the cast and crew, giddy morning walks on Foley St, the list goes on…Interloper has evolved from all of these places…”


Details of dates & how to get tickets

Wednesday 26th February 8pm – Preview

Thursday 27th February–Saturday 1st March 8pm (Matinee 2.30pm Saturday March 1st)

Booking: Advance bookings may be made at Samuel Beckett Theatre online. Tickets will also be available on the door or from the Box Office. Phone + 353 (01) – 896 2461 from 3pm on days of performance.

Prices: €18 / €14 concession

Liz Roche Company is one of Ireland’s leading contemporary dance companies. Known for its own distinctive movement and performance style, the Dublin based company presents the works of choreographer Liz Roche in collaboration with artists, dancers and designers of the highest caliber. The company has produced over twenty original productions since its establishment in 1999 and has performed throughout Ireland and in the UK, Germany, France, USA and China.

Interloper is part of Dublin Dances Into Spring.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Liz%20Roche%20Company%20%27Interloper%27″]

Here’s a video from Body and Forgetting

 [youtube_sc url=”” playlist=”Liz Roche Company ‘Body and Forgetting'”]

Hope you enjoyed! Dance into Spring 🙂

valentines day heart

Love conquers all!

What do Queen Victoria, Walt Disney, and Buffy the vampire slayer all have in common?

Claddagh rings!

But do you know the full story behind this Irish ring?

It began in a fishing village in Galway around 1675, and yes, it is a very romantic love story although it doesn’t involve vampires or escaping hell for your beloved.

Still, it does involve capture by pirates and years and years of separation!

Buffy wears a claddagh ring from Angel

Buffy wears a Claddagh ring from Angel

Now, there is a bit of a catch to this story– well, actually two!

I’ve been given a special Claddagh ring offer for readers of the Vibrant Ireland newsletter (you can sign up in the box above on the top right hand corner; if you’re on mobile the box is at the bottom of this post, after the comment section) — 20% off any Claddagh jewellery and/or any other of the Irish-made craft products on the Ireland’s Showcase website. So, catch 1 is that you’ll need to sign up to the newsletter for the discount code. Of course, if you don’t enjoy the newsletter you can easily unsubscribe any time.

Catch 2 is that part of my deal with the very nice people at Ireland’s Showcase is that I write a post for their new blog; so click here to read the the love story behind the Claddagh rings! But sure, you want to go have a nosey at their site anyway, to see what  Irish products you might like to get with your discount 🙂 They’ve perfect gifts for Valentine’s day, from all sorts of jewellery to clothing items, beauty products, & more- plus things for kids!

Do you have a Claddagh ring or other Claddagh jewelery piece? If you’ve a romantic Claddagh ring story of your own, let us know in the comment section below 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Silver and gold Irish Claddagh rings, from

Irish Claddagh rings, from


A county of sparkles!

Fermanagh is a county of sparkling lakes, sunrises, and sparkling ideas.

Twitter has alerted me to her charms and now I want to alert you!

There are several events & attractions open for free in Fermanagh on 7-9 March 2014 during their Open Weekend:

Aughakillymaude Mummers Centre – 
Open to the public for FREE on Saturday 8th of March 10am – 3pm

Belleek Pottery – 
Open to the public for FREE guided tours on Friday March 7th 10.15am -12.15pm and 1.45pm – 3.00pm. The Centre will also be open on Saturday 8th from 10.00am – 5.30pm and Sunday 2pm – 5pm Admission free, but no guided tours available.

Drumskinny Stone Circle –
Explore Drumskinny Stone Circle with an experienced guide from Erne Heritage Tours to explain the history of the site. (Guide on site Saturday & Sunday 10am – 4pm)

Enniskillen Castle Museums – 
FREE Admission on Fri, Sat & Sun 10am – 5pm

Headhunters Railway Museum – 
FREE Admission on Friday 9.00-5.30pm, Saturday 9.00-5.30pm & Sunday 10.00-5.00pm

Janus Figure, Boa Island
Experienced guide on site to explain the significance of this historic figure. (Saturday 10am – 4pm)

Lady of the Lake – 
Enjoy a FREE sailing on board the Lady of the Lake on Saturday 8th March at 11.30am and 1.30pm departing from Innishclare Jetty.

Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark –
Guided tours of the Marble Arch Caves will be offered on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th March at half hour intervals from 12:30p.m. until 4:00p.m. Booking is essential. Places are limited to 21 persons per tour and will be allocated on a first-come-first served basis. Please be advised that the Caves may close for safety reasons following heavy rain. 20 minute information sessions about the wider Geopark will also be delivered throughout the afternoon of the 8th & 9th.

MV Kestrel –
Depart for a short tour of Enniskillen Island Town from the Lakeland Forum Jetty, each hour on the hour from 12pm to 4pm on Saturday 8th March.

National Trust Properties –
3 Fermanagh National Trust properties for free on the 8 and 9 March.

Castle Coole
Parkland open 10am – 7pm
House tours will run from 11am with the last tour at 4pm*
Shop and tearoom will be open 11am – 5pm
* House tours are booked at Visitor Reception and are subject to availability
Shop and tearoom will be open 11am – 5pm

Florence Court
Gardens and park open from 10am – 7pm
House tours will run from 11am with the last tour at 4pm*
Shop and tearoom will be open 11am – 5pm
* House tours are booked at Visitor Reception and are subject to availability

Crom Estate
Grounds open 10am – 5pm
Visitor Centre open 11am – 5pm (Exhibition, shop and tea room)

**Watch out for National Trust Membership Offers happening over the weekend**

Share Inishcruiser
Saturday 8th March Cruise 10.30am
Sunday 9th March Cruise 10.30am
Departing Share Discovery Village to Crom Estate rtn approx. 2hrs sailing
Booking essential +44 (0) 28 6772 2122 – spaces allocated on first come first served basis.

Walk and Talk Tour of Enniskillen
FREE tours of Enniskillen town on Sunday 9th March at 12 Noon and 2pm. Tours to start from Fermanagh Visitor Information Centre, Wellington Road, Enniskillen – no booking required.

Fermanagh Visitor Information Centre will be open over the weekend – Fri 9am-5.30pm, Saturday 10am-2pm & Sunday 10am-2pm

 Fermanagh open weekend 7-9 March 2014Additionally Fermanagh Lakelands has a visitor guide and maps & brochures you can download from their site. There are also apps. Check ’em out!

I’ve never been, but the Fermamnagh Open Weekend has opened my eyes. I’m planning a visit! Given how I love caves (Doolin Cave in the Burren anyone?) the Marble Arch caves are high on my list. If you’ve any tips & suggestions on what to see do eat & so on in Fermanagh let us all know in the comment section below.


Love history? Love FitzGeralds?

Carton House- wow! Photo via broadsheet ie

Carton House- wow! Photo via broadsheet ie

I certainly do. Hubby is a FitzGerald!

You may be interested in this lecture series being held at the beautiful Carton House in county Kildare over the next several months. The last lecture in the series is on the loss of the FitzGerald fortune, which I certainly am sad about 😉 (The loss not the lecture!)

OOOH, very nice place to stay, too!

I’ve never been to Carton House, but I had a look around their website, and was impressed. Not only are the rooms gorgeous and the menus tempting, but the whole place seems to have that extra-special touch.

For example, I looked at the Christmas menu; at the start you get a description of the dining room’s setting– the large windows & the special trees they look out onto. And then the mouth watering menu!  Also on their website Carton House has videos on cooking, gardening tips, and more. Love it! There are walks you can do (with bluebells in Spring…ahh..) golf & other activities you may enjoy. They’ve got some nice packages for treating the family to a break, too- Tayto Park anyone? Well, our kids are all dogs so this FitzGerald family can just do a spa break instead 🙂

Here’s the Lecture Series information I was sent:


In the year of The Gathering, luxurious resort Carton House is inviting members of the FitzGerald clan from around the world to join them in celebrating the momentous occasion of the 250th anniversary of Lord Edward Fitzgerald’s birth. This week marked the beginning of a series of thought provoking historical lectures taking place at the luxurious resort in Maynooth, examining life as a FitzGerald. The inaugural event titled The Lord Edward FitzGerald Commemorative Lecture by Dr. Liam Chambers examined The Lives of Lord Edward FitzGerald 1763-1798 and attracted an impressive turnout with over 90 attendees at the event on Tuesday 15th October

“We are delighted to be hosting such an interesting series of lectures here at Carton House. It is very fitting that we have programmed these lectures and are naming October, the month of the FitzGeralds due to the long and varied history Carton House has with the name. The estate first came into the ownership of the FitzGerald family shortly after Maurice FitzGerald played an active role in the capture of Dublin by the Normans in 1170 and was rewarded by being appointed Lord of Maynooth” commented Conor Mallaghan, Owner, Carton House.

“The first record of a house at Carton was in the 17th century when William Talbot, Recorder of the city of Dublin was given a lease of the lands by the 14th Earl of Kildare and is thought to have built a house. The house and lands were forfeited to the crown in 1691 and in 1703 sold to Major General Richard Ingoldsby, Master General of the Ordnance.” 

FitzGerald’s will celebrate their heritage in the luxury resort, discover their roots and learn how the FitzGerald clan enjoyed life at Carton House and their contribution to Irish society over the generations.  Along with the lecture series, guests can enjoy a reading from the play The Loves of Lord Edward FitzGerald.

LECTURE 2        Monday, 18 November                                                       8.00 pm
Dr. Ciaran Reilly (National University of Ireland, Maynooth),
‘Fun and games at Carton’: The education of the young FitzGeralds in the early nineteenth century.

LECTURE 3       Monday, 9 December                                                       7.15 pm 
Christmas lecture followed by dinner in The Gold Salon.
Prof. Marian Lyons (National University of Ireland, Maynooth),
Garrett More FitzGerald, ‘the Great Earl’ (c. 1456-1513), architect of the Kildare Ascendancy: an assessment of his career on the 500th anniversary of his death.’

LECTURE 4        Tuesday, 4 February                                                           8.00 pm
Prof. Christopher Ridgway (Curator, Castle Howard),
No Longer Swimming against the Tide? The Future of the Landed Estate in the 21st Century. Carton House, Castle Howard and other examples.

LECTURE 5       Tuesday, 11 March                                                           8.00 pm
Prof. Terence Dooley (National University of Ireland, Maynooth),
The loss of the FitzGerald fortune, 1903-1948.


Tickets for the lecture series are €10, with a sumptuous dinner in the Gold Salon on the 9th December at €50 (ticket price included).

For further information, to book a FitzGerald Stay at Carton House or a ticket for the Carton House Lecture Series call 01 651 7708 or log onto

Carton House pool Kildare Ireland

Carton house pool. Yes! this should be me/you enjoying a dip after some interesting history.


Sigh…if Terry’s FitzGerald family hadn’t lost that fortune, I’d be booking a week-long stay Carton House this very night!

Luckily the talks are only a tenner 🙂 

Traditional night at Duiske Concerts is the Friday

Traditional night at Duiske Concerts is Friday 8 Nov, 2013

Enjoy fantastic music in a fabulous setting!

The 13th century Duiske Abbey in medieval Graiguenamanagh in county Kilkenny is home to the Duiske concerts series, which runs each November.

This year brings 3 concerts over the weekend of November 8th-10th, 2013, Irish traditional, a saxophone quartet, and a soprano singer. Venture over to this lovely small town by the river Barrow and hear some wonderful sounds in a very special venue.


Traditional Night

 Friday November 8th, 8pm

Duiske Abbey, Graiguenamanagh, County Kilkenny

Four of Ireland’s outstanding traditional musicians will be in concert in Graiguenamanagh’s 13th century Duiske Abbey:

Paudie O’Connor (accordion)

Aoife Ni Chaoimh (Fiddle)

David Power (Uilleann pipes)

Nel Ní Cróinín (Sean-nós )

Tickets €15 (€10) on the door


Chatham Saxophone Quartet, Duiske Concerts, Graiguenamanagh

Chatham Saxophone Quartet, Duiske Concerts

Chatham Saxophone Quartet

Saturday November 9th, 3pm (do note- this is an afternoon concert)
Duiske Abbey, Graiguenamanagh, County Kilkenny

Runaway winners of Music Network’s Young Musicwide Award in 2012 with a programme ranging from Bach to Gershwin and Nyman.

Tickets €15 (€10) on the door


Regina Nathan will sing in medieval Duiske Abbey, Graiguenamanagh

Regina Nathan will sing in medieval Duiske Abbey, Graiguenamanagh

 Regina Nathan (soprano)

Sunday November 10th 8pm

Duiske Abbey, Graiguenamanagh, County Kilkenny 

Featuring operatic and traditional favourites, accompanied by Linnhe Robertson.
Tickets €20 (€15)


059 972 5893  Mon-Fri 9.30-1pm

Eileen Gray's designs were ahead of their time

Eileen Gray’s designs were ahead of their time

Fittingly, for the grand re-opening of Ireland’s modern art gallery IMMA, there is a major exhibit on pioneering Irish designer, architect, and painter Eileen Gray.

I fell in love with Eileen Gray’s work in 2010, in the US of all places! I’d been in Ireland  for so many years but hadn’t heard of her here; it is wonderful that she is lately getting much more attention in Ireland. It is fitting, I think, that IMMA’s re-opening is focusing on her, and as well as her exhibition, there are other shows on, plus events. At the end of this post there is a video preview about Eileen Gray, her work, & the exhibit.


Entry into the Eileen Gray exhibition is €5, and the exhibit runs from 12 Oct 2013 – 26 Jan 2014

IMMA’s opening hours are:

Tuesday – Saturday: 10.00am – 5.30pm

* Wednesday: 10.30am – 5.30pm

Sunday and Bank Holidays: 12noon – 5.30pm

Monday, Good Friday and 24 – 26 December: Closed

Last Admission 5.15pm

The ITSA cafe downstairs at IMMA is open Monday: 10.00am – 3.00pm, Tuesday – Saturday: 10.00am – 5.00pm, Sunday and Bank Holidays: 12noon – 5.00pm

IMMA is within walking distance of Heuston railway station (which is also a red line LUAS stop) and several buses stop at Heuston too: the 26 from Wellington Quay; 51, 79 from Aston Quay; 90 Dart Feeder Bus from Connolly and Tara Street Stations. From Heuston it is about a 5 minute walk to IMMA’s Military Road entrance.
There are also buses to James St (5 minutes walk via steps to Bow Lane onto Irwin St and Military Rd): 123 from O’Connell St/Dame St; 51B, 78A from Aston Quay.

View IMMA in a larger map

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Eileen%20Grey,%20IMMA%20preview”]

I hope you can get to see the Eileen Gray exhibition before it ends on 19 Jan. For a list of IMMA eventsclick here.


war of attrition devious theatre

War of Attrition by Devious Theatre

War Of Attrition by The Devious Theatre Company

Fresh from their fantastic run in Dublin Fringe Festival, Kilkenny’s own Devious Theatre Company are now presenting War Of Attrition for us in Kilkenny. (PS: Will also be at Galway Theatre Festival 2-3 Oct.) Receiving two 4-star reviews (Irish Theatre Review here and The Irish Times here) and a nomination for Best Female Performer for Roseanna Purcell, this is a play you won’t want to miss.

Terry & I’ve seen several of Devious’ other productions, and they are fresh, often funny, and very enjoyable. I recommend you check this one out, too. Watch a trailer video below.

War of Attrition is running 26-28 September, 8pm at  Watergate Theatre, Parliament Street, Kilkenny.

Tickets:  €13     Book on

Here’s the scoop from Devious:

‘We’ve created the conditions for war, but no one wants to fight.’

Daisy is an unwitting internet celebrity, the ‘Psycho Chugger’ whose video currently sits on 178, 234 YouTube views. And it’s ruining her life. Alan is the one who made it. A blogger who goes by the name of Generalissimo Malaise, he targets the ‘everyday arsehole’. Chris is a homeless man and just got caught in the crossfire of their feud. War Of Attrition is about a nasty game of one-upmanship that descends into a relentless war. Devious Theatre are bringing their destructive new comedy to the streets of Dublin. There will be casualties.

[youtube_sc url=”” playlist=”War Of Attrition by Devious Theatre”]


“In glorious technicolour Devious Theatre will hurtle you through the streets of this dirty aul’ town. You’ll enjoy the ride, I promise.” – Róise Goan.

At its heart, this is a play about three young Irish people living in Dublin, all of whom who are down on their luck. But that doesn’t stop them attempting to destroy each other’s lives. It is a bold, brash, colourful piece of theatre with a death grip on the funny bone.


Writer: John Morton

Director: Niamh Moroney

Cast: John Doran, John Morton and Roseanna Purcell

Producer: Ken McGuire

Art Director: Niamh Moyles

Costume Design: Lucy McKenna

Stage Manager: Aidan Doheny

Asst. Stage Manager: Adrian Kavanagh

Music: David Sheenan

Graphic Design: Paddy Dunne


The Devious Theatre Company have been described as:


“Theatrical prozac” – Kilkenny Reporter


committed, passionate and fantastic at what they do, bringing the very best of young, creative Irish theatre to their audiences” –


“impressive… with brash confidence, excellent actors and technicians” – Munster Express

How many characteristics of a psychopath do you have?


About the writer:

John Morton previously wrote the plays Smitten (Solstice, Cork Midsummer Festival), Scratcher (The Theatre Machine Turns You On: Vol II) and Heart Shaped Vinyl, as well as being one of the writers of Mass by The LSA in Dublin Fringe Festival 2012. War Of Attrition was first devised as part of Devious Theatre’s six-month In The Future When All’s Well residency in Kilkenny Arts Office in 2011 and further developed as part of Play On, Dublin Theatre Festival’s new playwriting initiative culminating in War Of Attrition receiving a rehearsed reading, directed by Jason Byrne, as part of Play On at Dublin Theatre Festival 2012. Its presence in the Dublin Fringe Festival 2013 marks its debut production.

About The Devious Theatre Company:

The Devious Theatre Company was formed in Kilkenny in 2006. We perform different works in different spaces for different audiences using different methods, every time. Our work hops genre and style but stays rooted in a style of comedy we have honed over the years. We don’t like labels. Thus, our artistic credo is mostly ADHD based and fairly guerrilla. To this end, our goal is to kidnap as many young people away from gigs and cinemas and pubs and drag them to the theatre. We have performed 14 productions to date, have won a PPI Award for Radio Drama and have had our work featured at Cork Midsummer Festival, Dublin Fringe Festival, Galway Theatre Festival, TEXT | Messages at Project Arts Centre, Abhainn Rí Festival and The Theatre Machine Turns You On Festival amongst others. For more on us and our work, please visit:

Click to see the full set of 16 War Of Attrition teaser posters 

Traditional Irish music in a rural medieval Irish town? Yes, please!

Doyles pub in Graiguenamanagh,Ireland, during the Book Festival

Doyles pub in Graiguenamanagh, during the Book Festival

I’ve a link to a clip below, and the program featuring Graiguenamanagh is on this Sunday, 22 Sept at 10.oo, with a repeat on Thurs the 26th on TG4 channel. You can also watch it online on their player.

Here’s what the TG4 website tells us:

Spillane an Fánaí is a fascinating Irish-speaking exploration of the history and personality of rural towns outside of the traditional Gaeltacht areas. In this second programme John Spillane travels to Graiguenamanagh. Co. Kilkenny and steps back in time in Doyle’s Bar, a pub that sells pints, eggs and fishing tackle!

John discovers life on the river, plays some mighty sessions and talks to bargemen, brass bands, organ players and wool spinners as well as enquiring about having his face put on a statue of a monk!

For this series John Spillane spends a week in six different locations, working in a pub and venturing out to meet a host of locals in search of musical inspiration for his song-writing in the uniqueness and character of small town life. doyles

Inside of Doyles, Graiguenamanagh

Inside of Doyles pub,Graiguenamanagh. Photo by @GraigueBikeHire







The towns John visits are Fethard in Tipperary, Graiguenamanagh in Kilkenny, Cootehill in Cavan, Castleisland in Kerry, Castlepollard in Westmeath and Kiltimagh in Mayo.

You can watch Sunday night at 10.00pm, repeats on Thursdays at 10.15pm,  on TG4

 Watch the clip: