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Great Bang for Your Buck! Photos to Drool Over, Bang Restaurant Dublin

Bang restaurant Dublin

Bang restaurant Dublin. From the greeting & seating, and the fresh nutty brown bread onwards, Bang was a delight.

Great Bang for your buck!

I hope you’re not on a diet, because this photo post is going to tempt your tastebuds. I also hope you live in or will be in Dublin soon & would like to splurge a bit on a fantastic dinner, because I think you are going to want to go! Bang Restaurant, Dublin on 11 Merrion Row is a Michelin recommended restaurant where you will enjoy every bite of your food if our experience is anything to go by.

Also good to note; Bang can make the majority of their dishes gluten-free upon request. 

Good value is important to me, and as well as always having a great Early Bird menu (23.95 two course, & 28.95 3 course,) Bang also can have lovely special offers on. For example for Dine in Dublin week, 22-27 October 2013, Bang had:

”Dine in Dublin  5 course Tasting Menu-  €39.95 pp 

Special Event – (Monday – Wednesday)

Experience 5 stunning wines to accompany our 5 course Tasting Menu for only – €19” 

This special pricing is also what they offered to us travel bloggers during the TBEX Dublin conference, so I rounded up travel blogging Twitter foodies @PhilaTravelGirl, @2foodtrippers and @theroamingbean & booked us in.

Our verdict was: Nom! Except, that is, for Jen. She (AKA theroamingbean,) got stuck in a US airport for days, finally arrived in Dublin at 5am, and fell asleep jetlagged at 4pm & missed the fabulous Bang dinner. (Jen, don’t look at the photos, you’ll only torture yourself!)

Here’s what I had( note; no wine as I wasn’t  feeling well that day.) And do you know, tasting portions at Bang are not just a bite or two- they’re filling! This also meant I was unable to finish my dessert. I know! I now torture myself looking at the photo of that chocolate-y bliss.

Bang Restaurant: ‘The Gathering’ 5 Course Tasting Menu’

Proudly showcasing the very best of local, seasonal Irish food.

(My note: All the staff know the food & its origin inside out, and tell you. Love that.)

 Tasting Menu €69 – Suggested Matching Wines €29.95

My note: this is also the Dine In Dublin special offer menu, at the value prices described farther up above.

Géarú Goile (Amuse Bouche)

Bang restaurant, Dublin, Amuse Bouche

This was just heaven! Sweet & salty goat’s cheese with golden beetroot and praline.

Clare Island Salmon, Avocado, Local Radish, Compressed Cucumber, Light Ponzu Gel

I know many of  ye are are thinking WTF, ‘compressed’ cucumber?? So here is the what/why, from

Why “compress”? Color, texture, and (sometimes) flavor: these three essential attributes are intensified by a quick trip in the vacuum sealer.

Ingredients with looser cell structures and high water content (like fruits) are compacted under pressure – air is pushed out of the space between cells, and the resulting slice of apricot, for example, emerges with a softer, denser, “cooked” texture that usually only results from exposure to heat. Flavor comes into play when a liquid is vacuum-sealed with the fruit. The liquid is pushed into the space once occupied by air, and voilà – the fruit is instantly infused with flavor. In this case, apricots get a gentle flavor boost from simple syrup; but that syrup could be infused with chilies or herbs, or replaced with Brandy…the possibilities are endless. 

 Anyway- this dish was all good! And ponzu is a Japanese citrus sauce or gel. Now we all know 🙂

Clare Island salmon, Bang restaurant, Dublin

This was just exquisite. Clare island salmon, Bang restaurant, Dublin

Hereford Beef, Local Celeriac, Crispy Onion, Watercress, Horseradish potato


Herford beef, Bang restaurant Dublin

Total melt in the mouth goodness! Bang!

Cheese of The Day, Grapes, Truffled Honey, House Made Crackers

I’ve no photo of this, though there were lovely cheeses, and the in-house made crackers were crispy & lightly nutty. I was starting to fade by this point as I wasn’t feeling well–NOT from the food! As mentioned, I had arrived not feeling the best.

Chocolate Bar, Mango Gel, Mango Sorbet

Bang, Dublin

Oh so lovely! I’ve kindly not shown you the whole chocolate slice so you won’t crave it too much 🙂

Additionally, Bang’s pre-theatre/early bird 2 and 3 course menu is good value too: 23.95 & 28.95 respectively.

This next photo is of the Dark chocolate mousse, passion fruit sorbet, and salted caramel from that menu. Drool.

Chocolate mousse, Bang Dublin

The last bit of evil temptation in my Bang post: chocolate mousse.

Have a look round Bang’s website; menus are listed– but don’t say I didn’t warn you when you find you are suddenly starving & need to make a booking straight away. Enjoy!

In case you hadn’t noticed, these are all Instagram photos. I love Instagram, and take part in #IGtravelthursday, and you can, too. Just instagram some of your travel photos (can be local travel!) & hashtag them #IGtravelthursday. Check out the other cool photos on that hashtag stream, as well.

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Reeta @houseofanais

Oh yum, I would have loved this kind of menu too! Drooling here…

Oh yes, Reeta, I can’t hide it- it was so good. It may be cruel to tempt those far away, but…
Am bringing the hubby in for an Early Bird dinner asap!

And now I am so very hungry! What beautiful food photos!

I so want people to realize that Ireland is filled with wonderful food & restaurants, Amy–I’m glad you’re now hungry! Come to Ireland & eat 😀 Thanks for reading!

I’m very hungry after reading this now. Thanks for linking up.

And the torture continues… 🙂 Just kidding, but to ease the pain of reading this post after seeing some of these images on Instagram, I decided to have some chocolate on hand while reading! I have my favourite spots for eating out in Dublin, but I’ve never tried out Bang. Definitely will on my next visit though!

You are a clever woman, Satu– armed with chocolate! Glad to hear you are going to try out Bang– then you can torture us with *your* photos 😀

Ha ha, “revenge” will be sweet…. 😉

Ohhh, I want those desserts! Why is Dublin so far away?

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