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Autumn Sunrises in Ireland

The rosy-fingered dawn of Ireland

The rosy-fingered dawn of Ireland

The shorter days of Autumn have a silver lining: you’re  more likely to be up to see the sunrise. In the height of summer, the sun starts to lighten the sky here in the Barrow valley around 4 a.m, and it peeps over the the Blackstairs mountains around 5. I’m not usually awake for that! But now, in November, the sun has a lie-in until 8, and I’m one of the the not-so-early birds reaping the reward.

So although Homer wasn’t talking about Ireland in the Odyssey, it is kind of appropriate:

“When the child of morning, rosy-fingered Dawn, appeared, we admired the island and wandered all over it..”

Autumn is a special time to be in Ireland; enjoy these sunrises.

autumn sunrises ireland

Some mornings are more subtly beautiful, the cloud dancing with & hiding the mountains

autumn sunrise ireland

Every sunrise is a bit different.

autumn sunrises ireland

Some days have very misty beginnings


misty ireland

Some misty mornings turn into misty days


autumn sunrise ireland

Some mornings are just golden

blue sky ireland
And turn into amazing blue-sky days.


If you would like to read more about our area of the Barrow Valley, there are several posts in the Graiguenamanagh category. It is a beautiful, quiet & unspoiled spot in the sunny southeast of Ireland. I hope you’ll be inspired to watch an Autumn sunrise in Ireland, and maybe even from the Barrow Valley 🙂

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Reeta @houseofanais

So pretty, I especially like the misty view – that’ sort of how I picture Ireland being quite so often…

We get some lovely morning mists here in the Valley, Reeta, but usually they do burn away during the day. But sometimes the day stays misty-magical 🙂

I love especially that misty shot, I was so wishing for that kind of weather when we visited the Dark Hedges up north, but we “only” got sun… I was thinking about the same the other day, these days I do have the chance to catch sunrises but unfortunately lately it has been so grey, foggy (I mean white, thick fog) or snowy that visibility has been zero. Oh well. I’m sure the sunny white winter is here soon. And thank you so much for linking to my post, you should definitely come for a Santa Claus quest here in the Nordics! Although I can also give you his address to make things easier… 😉

You have Santa’s address!? 🙂 Don’t tell me I want to do a quest 😉 I’ve not been to those Dark Hedges yet, but have seen many photos– stunning. I can see why they’d be fab to photo in fog. Not too many times we’d wish away the sun here, but that could be one!

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